Thoughtful Birthday Gifts (Ireland & Europe Delivery)

Birthdays are a glorious day filled with laughter, gladness, birthday gifts and great memories.


A Birthday is a gift event which comes around frequently. Our aim was to provide an invaluable solution to choosing an ideal Birthday Gift. During the creation of our Birthday Gifts the decision was made to integrate four main collections. Which are now known as the Fun Birthday Gifts, Thoughtful Birthday Gifts, Interesting Birthday Gifts and Happy Birthday Gifts.  The primary goal is to bring laughs and smiles to Ireland and throughout Europe. It will remain the focal point in all of the Birthday Gifts which we have designed.


Laughs and Smiles


In the Thoughtful Birthday Collection we have included a ‘Happy Birthday Mug’ which your recipient can hold onto and keep as a little memory of you. The mug will arrive nestled inside a beautiful Birthday Gift Basket or Birthday Hamper alongside many other delicious sweet and savoury snacks.


Incorporation of Mugs into our Birthday Gifts

Mugs are frequently given as gifts so they often remind us of someone or an event which is special. This is one of the main reasons why they have been included in all the Birthday gifts from the Thoughtful Birthday Range. It assures us and you that the intended recipient receiving this along with all their other Birthday treats will be overjoyed. It also means that there is a reminder in their cupboard all year round or until it perishes in a dishwasher.

In each gift from the Thoughtful Birthday Range we have also included the option to customise the mug to any landmark Birthday from the ages of 18-90. If none of these apply, we simply include a beautifully colourful ‘Happy Birthday Mug’ inside. It can be selected from the drop down box when placing the order.

Birthday Mugs


Another perk we’ve added to 4 out of the 22 gifts in the Thoughtful Birthday Range is a bottle of Prosecco. There is something truly magical about the sound of a popping cork. Fizzy wines such as Champagne, Prosecco or Cava typically signify a celebration of some sort, and we at Baskets Galore definitely believe a Birthday is something to celebrate!

 If you’d prefer to take a look at these four options they are ‘The Prosecco Birthday Hamper’, ‘The Birthday Vibrancy Gift Basket’, ‘The Sunshine Happiness Birthday Gift’ and ‘The Sweet & Sparkling Birthday Gift’. Each includes a bottle of bubbly and a Birthday mug!


Prosecco Birthday Gifts


The Thoughtful Birthday Collection is definitely one of my personal favourites. However, if your recipient isn’t that into mugs or maybe just has too many there are other Birthday Gift options. The three other collections as I had mentioned are the Fun Birthday Gifts, Interesting Birthday Gifts and Happy Birthday gifts. Each collection is non-stereotypical and can be altered to suit any individual.


Our Research into why the Mug was an important aspect of our Birthday Gifts


Creation of the Mug

The mug was invented during the Neolithic period (a long time ago). It was crafted from wood and animal skulls or bones. Thankfully we no longer use these methods. Nowadays its more common to see mugs made of ceramic, glass or plastic. Although did you know ceramic mugs retain heat better than glass? This is what makes them popular along with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly.


Endowment Effect

Any personalised gift has great sentimental value, especially mugs. The sentimental value in question is actually called ‘The Endowment Effect’. It describes a circumstance in which an individual places a higher value on an object they already own than the value they would place on that same object if they did not own it. This effect can be seen with items that have an emotional or symbolic significance to a person.

Endowment Effect


One of the most famous examples of the endowment effect was an experiment carried out by Richard H.Thaler in 1980. One group of students were given coffee mugs. After some time, they were given the option to trade it for a chocolate bar. A second group was given chocolate bars and were then told they could swap it for a coffee mug. A third group, the control group, was given neither. They were simply told to make a choice between the mug or chocolate bar.

The control group was mostly indifferent between the two. 56% chose the mug while 44% chose the chocolate. This suggested that if given a choice, half of those who had been given the mug would trade it for the chocolate bar and vice versa. However, this is not what happened

Instead, 89% of students who were given the mug chose to keep the mug and only 11% chose to trade it for the chocolate bar. Similarly only 10% of the students wanted to exchange their chocolate bar for the mug.

People who own something tend to value it more than if they didn’t own it. The longer they posses the item, the more they value it. So why not gift your recipient a mug which can be reminiscent of their special Birthday with one of our Birthday Gift Baskets or Birthday Hampers.


Thought Birthday Gifts



The Birthday collection all in all is distinctive on account of the eye-catching colour coordinated options we offer. Its been integrated into the gifts as its visually appealing and follows a theme which can be easily identified. We have also incorporated different packaging concepts for each such as the Happy Birthday Gift Boxes, Modern Birthday Hampers and Simply Beautiful Gift Baskets. The rationale behind these concepts can be read through on our blogs ‘Ireland’s Finest Birthday Hampers - European Ideals’ and ‘Irish Birthday Gift Baskets - Reaching for Europe’.

A Birthday is a glorious day filled with laughter, gladness and great memories. We hope that our new range of Birthday Gifts will be the silver lining.