Its Really Hard to Find a Quality Birthday Gift in Ireland & Europe

An effective solution to finding a Quality Birthday Gift effortlessly throughout Ireland or Europe. 


Since the last blog I’ve had several customer’s come through on live chat and over the phone requesting assistance with finding a quality Birthday Gift for their recipient. Some even contacted us after reading last week’s Birthday Gift Blog which is uplifting.

The customer I’m writing about today came through on our customer service telephone line. His name was Charlie. He started the call by saying that his work colleague is unfortunately at home on sick leave so would not be in the office for their Birthday. This meant he was struggling to find a Good Birthday Gift that could be delivered directly to their door.

Baskets Galore Customer Service


Q. My first question was “What kind of message would you like to send the recipient?”.

A. He told me there was no specific message, as long as it put a smile on their face. This reminded me of one of my favourite quotes “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours”.


Smile Image


. “Does the recipient have any hobbies or interests?” was my following question.

A. Charlie mentioned that they did the marathon every year but recently had to stop, so they’ve taken up DIY around the house.


From these two simple questions, I already had a fair idea as to which options would be appropriate.


Q. Next I asked “Do you know if they are an animal lover?”.

A. He disclosed that its not something that was ever mentioned, so couldn’t say whether they were or not.


As I stated in my last blog, the question can’t always be answered. Which means I simply had to move onto the next.


Q. “Could you tell me what age they will be approximately?”. (Our Birthday Gift range is inclusive of all ages. Although some collections in the range are better suited to a mature individual.)

A. Charlie chuckled and commented that he would be murdered for telling anyone but she is coming 45.


I selected four quality Birthday recommendations. They were as follows The Strong Women Birthday Hamper, ‘The Fabulous Women’s Birthday Gift’, ‘The Sporty Birthday Hamper Gift’ and  ‘The Intriguing World Birthday Gift Basket’. While on the phone Charlie was able to look up each of the gifts on our website and take a look at them himself.


Four Birthday Gifts



Offering these options was based on the recipient’s hobbies and interests. In each gift from the Interesting Birthday Range we include a magazine, which can be modified to suit the interests of the person receiving it.

For example, the purple gifts above give the sender the option to choose from eight different magazines. This would allow Charlie to send a magazine to his colleague that she would enjoy and could get DIY ideas from!

The yellow gifts above have a magazine included as well. However, the gifts from this section of the Birthday Gift Range include a sporting magazine.

As the receiver was a keen athlete, I thought she may enjoy the ‘Runners World’ magazine. In addition to the sporting magazines, we have also incorporated the option for the sender to request any type of magazine. We then do our best to accommodate their request from what is available in our warehouse.


After some debate, Charlie decided on ‘The Fabulous Women’s Birthday Gift. Which I think is a magnificent Gift Basket and is sure to be one of our upcoming best sellers.


Birthday Gift


Charlie placed the order on our website and it was delivered the next day. We received a superb review from the recipient of the Birthday Gift.




We have recently began to include a note inside each of the gifts. It asks if the receiver can take a few moments to leave a review on our page. This provides us with an honest review from an individual that receives a Baskets Galore Gift.


Summary: Hard to find a Quality Birthday Gift

The main reason these Birthday Gifts have been created is to provide an effective solution to finding a Quality Birthday Gift. All that’s required is a few questions to identify the best possible options from our New Birthday Range.

Stay tuned over the coming months for more live chat and call exchanges about our Birthday Gifts.