It's Really Hard to Find a Good Birthday Gift to Send in Ireland & Europe

Our Birthday ideas become your Birthday Gifts easily and quickly. The questions we ask to ensure you send the perfect Birthday Gifts in Ireland or Europe.


Is it not a common occurrence that many of us struggle to pick a suitable birthday gift that we hope the intended recipient will actually enjoy? Here at Baskets Galore its my job to speak with customers everyday on our live chat service or over the phone asking me that exact question.

So that’s why I’m writing this series of “Hard to find good Birthday Gifts”. Our Birthday ideas become your Birthday Gifts easily and quickly. Last week Isabelle came through on our chat service. She explained that she was feeling anxious as she couldn’t find a fitting Birthday Gift and had been searching all month to no avail!

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A statement like this doesn’t worry me as I know we will find a Birthday Gift from our new Birthday Gift Range. I start by asking a sequence of questions which are important to help me in providing the best possible options from the Birthday Collection.


Q. My first question was “What is your relationship to the recipient?”.

A. She explained it is a close family member who unfortunately can’t make it home for their Birthday celebrations. The message she wanted to convey to them is that distance means so little, when someone means so much. She said that this Birthday is very important as the person is turning 50 this year and was disheartened when a trip home wasn’t possible..


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Q. “Does the recipient live in an apartment or house?”. This can be very important in the type of packaging used. (We have different packaging concepts in the Birthday Gift range which are Happy Birthday Gift Boxes, Modern Birthday Hampers and Simply Beautiful Gift Baskets.)

A. We established that the recipient lives in a private home so any of the options are viable.


Q. The next question I asked was “Do you know their favourite colour?”.

A. She clarified the colour was red.


Even at that stage these questions made it simple for me to select several ideal choices for the customer. I decided to select four good birthday solutions. This ensures the customer isn’t overwhelmed by the number of choices we offer on the Birthday Gift Range.

In no particular order I chose The Distinctly Different Birthday Hamper, The Birthday Sentiments Gift Basket,  The Great Grandeurs Birthday Gift and The Birthday Special Gift Basket.


Birthday Gift Options


Offering these options was based on the fact this was a milestone Birthday. In each gift from the Thoughtful Birthday Range we include a mug which can be customized to have ‘50th Birthday’ or any other landmark Birthday from the ages of 18 - 90 . When I mentioned this to Isabelle she was delighted because, she said, her recipients favourite part of the day is waking up and having a morning cup of coffee.


After some thought she decided upon ‘The Birthday Sentiments Gift Basket. I think that its a perfect choice, a simply beautiful gift basket.


Birthday Gift


We ended our chat on a happy note. The added bonus for us appeared in our inbox on Monday morning when we received an appreciative review from Isabelle.




Summary: Hard to find a Good Birthday Gift

It all comes down to providing at least four good Birthday options with as few as three questions because all we have to do is listen to you. It doesn’t always work so conveniently. Sometimes the responses lead us down one road only for us to have to double back a stage! The important thing is that our customer will always be presented with four good options to choose their Birthday Gift from.  


Over the coming months, I will be releasing blogs with my favourite customer interactions surrounding our new Birthday Range and how I help them choose the perfect Birthday Gift. Stay tuned for more..