Irish Birthday Gift Baskets - Reaching for Europe

Excerpt: How we ensure that our Birthday Gift Baskets designed and assembled in Ireland assist in bringing happiness and laughter to our country.



Finding Good Birthday Gifts can be a terribly time consuming and difficult process.  Attempts by retailers to simplify the process tended to produce Birthday Gifts which were decidedly kitsch or cheap and the frequency with which really good Birthday Gift ideas appear to be out of stock online is boggling.  So we decided to do "SOMETHING" about it.  That "something" became the catalyst for a collection of Birthday Gifts, which will be unsurpassed for generations.

People in their teens today will be receiving Birthday Gift Baskets throughout their lives because quite frankly, there is nothing else on this planet which is more perfect for sending as a Birthday Gift than our range of Birthday Gifts.  However, let's look at what makes us so excited about our Birthday Gift Baskets in particular.  

out of this world gift basket(Out of this World Birthday Gift Baskets)

We Created Birthday Gift Baskets, which are works of art.  Not just visually, but figuratively speaking as-well.  Our Birthday Gift Baskets appeal to all society.   There is no clumsy gender bias because we specifically wanted to hint at customer profiles, without necessarily targeting them.  That ensured a focus on quality, presentation and imagination at the most affordable price point possible. These Birthday Gift Baskets had to be the finest quality, artistically stunning and the most beautiful way of sending Birthday Wishes within Europe at an economical price.

We are not just a company that sells Gift Baskets, we are THE DEFINITIVE GIFT BASKET COMPANY IN EUROPE and we happen to be based in Ireland.  This gives us a unique insight into the market, since Ireland is at the very centre of Europe.  Our own island might be a bit too small to justify the amount of time in terms of R&D that it costs to create exciting new products, but it does force us to succeed in two other important areas.

1) Export our better designs to Europe.

2) Be obsessive in the pursuit of our primary mission objective which, is to create Gift Baskets for friends and family that exceed your expectations. Why simply satisfy customers when you can wow them with the delivery of a Birthday Gift Basket. We want the only anguish people experience to be that of the dilemma of whether to spoil the visual artistry of presentation.

How we see Ireland in Europe(Ireland's importance in Europe)


The Tri-Angular Birthday Gift Approach.


Our primary target market objective is Gift Baskets for friends and family.  We’ve been creating Birthday gift baskets since 2002, so we know which products our customers favour, we can see what is unpopular and whilst the overwhelming evidence is that lower priced Birthday Gift Baskets sell the most, the challenge was to present a selection of good value Birthday Gift Baskets, which stood out within the Birthday Gift Market rather than the Birthday Hamper Market.  We wanted them to be Something Beautiful, something nice, charming and fancy.  Basically a Birthday Work of Art because that was what it was going to take to be able to compete effectively in the huge, but extremely competitive Birthday Gift Industry.  All boxes needed to be ticked in terms of customer expectations and that meant leaving no angle uncovered as these angles would represent our our key performance measurement indicators for the period 2022-25.

Angle No. 1

The ideal Gift Basket is impressive to look at and should be filled with many premium items that you wouldn’t normally purchase yourself, but collectively represent an aesthetically pleasing combination displayed in an elaborately artistic manner.  We were able to take this to an obsessive level without taking the easy option and throwing money at the problem in the form of a branding exercise precisely because of our years of experience. Having identified the products people wanted more of or sought out or commented upon, our food catalogue options were being shaped on the operational packing floor.  It was not such a big leap to extrapolate the products and packaging into sets of varying colours, which all rather conveniently follow humanity’s desire to differentiate colourfully or to code conveniently.

Angle No. 2 

Delivery Implementation.  This is where basket container came into play.  We selected a traditional handled shopper basket bevelled in such a way as to maximise volumetric efficiency.  In order to create a sense of drama, they are painted in a quality satin white paint, but vitally they can be safely transported and such is their shape that upon opening, they look full and expensive.

Angle No. 3

Customer-Company engagement. Those colours were co-ordinated into complementary patterns to create 5 distinct alternative themes and the challenge was then how to bring a sense of consistency to the creations.   This serves as much for our staff to understand as for any other purposes.  We needed something that could be understood not just by customers, but by employees who play a vital role in ensuring the quality of our product to the recipient and intelligence of service quality to our customers. The obvious way of doing this was through Symbols reflecting leading products that may evoke a certain mood of message.  This had to be future proofed in order to enable growth or personalisation in the future.  The Birthday items selected were Soft Toy, Mugs, Candles & Magazines or Bubbly Celebrations.


Triangular gift basket

(Seeing Triangles everywhere)


The result is that we successfully  produced a number of Birthday Gift Baskets and a further two Super Birthday Gift Baskets in the post launch with four completely distinctive themes appropriate for five nominal target markets, set within a context of competing niche markets  There is a Birthday Gift Basket for just about every age of Birthday, every type of person, there is a real absence of basic customer profiling, but there is what we hope is a highly sophisticated form of thoughtfulness, which we hope our customers can test for themselves.  We tried to imagine the characters and personalities of our friends and family members.  Which of the Birthday gift baskets would we select for them and how would we personalise it with the symbolic differentiating element.

It just works - with every single person we could think of, the capacity to create their perfect Birthday Gift Basket as chosen by you was obvious.


Birthday Gift Baskets Logo



Your Birthday Gift Message made easier with our Design

Yes it works, but what makes it so compellingly different from any other company and why you should buy a Birthday Gift Basket from Basketsgalore is in the degree to which you can personalise it.  No other product we can think of is as suitable for conveying a your Birthday message.  If you want to send Thoughtful Birthday Gift Baskets, Fun Birthday Gift BasketsInteresting Birthday Gift Baskets or Happy Birthday Gift Baskets, then we have every angle covered.  We have even retained our most popular Classic Birthday Gift Baskets and to make things even better we have the future ability to personalise your Birthday Gift Basket with a range of drop down options.   

It's a Beautiful Fancy Product with a charming concept and it would be lovely if you found "something nice" enough about the idea to imagine the Birthday Wishes you could extend with a purchase of such a Birthday Gift to send to someone you know in the UK. 

We didn't just leave things at that and hope our customers liked them.  We thought deeply about the past two decades and what our customers said to us.  Some wanted cheaper Birthday Gifts, some wanted Happy Birthday Hampers and some wanted a combination of Birthday gifts which really stood out from the more traditional Food Hampers in Europe.  We created Birthday Gift Baskets which ticked all these boxes.


Most importantly every single creation is designed to bring laughs and smiles not only to the Birthday Recipient, but to the Birthday Sender as they play around with personalising and theming these Birthday Gifts to their hearts content thoughtfully, funnily, happily and interestingly.


Birthday Gift Basket PackedBirthday Gift Basket PackagedHow a Birthday Gift Basket should be packed

(Examples of how our Birthday Gift Baskets arrive in Ireland and Europe)


Throughout the lockdowns, we saw how important the human spirit was in terms of a collective will to keep in touch and to stay in contact with one another when faced with a difficult situation.  We hope that in our own small way by putting so much time, thought & effort into our Birthday Gift Basket designs we are doing our own little bit in terms of bringing happiness and laughter to Europe's shores.