Fun and Friendly Birthday Gifts ( Ireland & Europe Delivery)

How we bring fun and laughter with our playful Birthday Gifts created for delivery to Ireland and beyond.


Five Personal Reasons why Cuddly Toys are a Great Birthday Gift

Whether you are a spring chicken or a fully fledged adult, am I right in saying we can never turn down a chance to give a cuddly toy a snuggle? I am not ashamed to tell you that since I was a child I’ve shared a bed with my life long cuddle buddy Larry. Its safe to say he’s seen better days. That said let us now move on to more recent events!


We have just launched an entirely new range of Birthday Hampers and Birthday Gift Baskets. Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. For that reason we have decided to include, in a section called Fun Birthday Gifts, a little soft toy animal that will, we imagine, make your recipient’s next birthday a day to remember.


Friends4life Birthday Gifts

Friends4Life Birthday Gifts


The reasoning behind including a cuddly toy in each of these gifts is quite simple actually.


  • Provides Feeling of Warmth and Protection

Remember when you were a child ? Well many of us spent long journeys in the car or even travelling overseas. Tucked under our arm or cuddled into our face would have been a ‘blankie’ or ‘cuddly toy’. These small yet powerful things are comforting and bring a sense of security and affection.


  • Feeling of Companionship

As someone once said “In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion." Receiving one of these Birthday Gifts has immense sentimental value and will last a lifetime.


  • Improves Mental Health

It’s a known fact that interacting with animals reduces stress and alleviates anxiety. Petting a dog or cat for instance reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and releases Oxytocin (love hormone) which results in us feeling calm and soothed. Did you know cuddling a soft toy has the same effects?


  • Helps Ease Loneliness and Feeling of Isolation

Especially in these unprecedented times, we are not a stranger to the word ‘isolation’. It seems like a life time ago that ‘working from home’ wasn’t the normal routine that we are all now accustomed to. So feeling lonely as an adult is actually quite common. If you can’t have pets at home or prefer not to, a cuddly toy is a great way to ease loneliness and lift your spirit.


  • Ability to Customise to What Your Heart Wants

Softs toys come in an assortment of colours, shapes and sizes. For every person in the world, you are sure to find a cuddly toy that matches their personality and suits them to a T! Whether they are a cat, dog or exotic animal lover, our Birthday Gifts have an option for everyone.


The cuddly toys incorporated into our Birthday range originate from Keels Toys Ltd. They are beautifully handmade using the finest materials and even come with a Birthday of their own! I thought it would be a bright idea to introduce you to the Birthday Buddy family that is included in our Fun Hampers and Baskets.


Fun contents for Birthday Gifts

Fun Contents for Birthday Gifts


From left (bottom) to right (bottom) I would like you to meet Roary the lion, Drew the Koala, Opal the Snow Leopard, Buddy the Bulldog, Arlo the Tiger, Paddy the Collie, Francis the Siamese Cat and George the Giraffe.


When they arrived, I insisted upon inspecting the goods and couldn’t resist taking a photo in the process.


Opening Fun Toys for Our Birthday Gift Baskets

Opening Fun Toys for Our Birthday Gift Baskets


All things considered we believe our new range of Fun Birthday Gifts are distinctive and inclusive with the added bonus of being absolutely adorable.


The Birthday collection as a whole is distinctive on account of the bright colour coordinated options we offer. We incorporated this into the gifts as its visually appealing and follows a theme which can be easily identified. We also integrated different packaging concepts for each such as the Happy Birthday Gift Boxes, Modern Birthday Hampers and Simply Beautiful Gift Baskets.


One  of the most important factors of these Birthday Gifts is that they are inclusive of age and gender. The contents are non stereotypical and can be modified to suit any individual. There are four main options built into the Birthday product range which are Interesting Birthday Gifts, Thoughtful Birthday Gifts, Celebratory Birthday Gifts and Fun Birthday Gifts.


We had to order lots of our new little friend animals because Fun Birthday Gifts are fast emerging as a leading seller in our Birthday Gift range.


Boxes of Fun Toys for Birthday Gifts


Maybe it’s because they each have a unique birthday and name but I love them. I am looking forward to them all finding their forever home.