Christmas Gifts - Your Spirit Their Senses

Get into the spirit of the season by letting us help you send Magical Christmas Gifts.


Christmas comes but once a year and here at Basketsgalore the preparation for our favourite holiday has already begun. Since 2002 we’ve been creating Christmas Gifts and it’s an extra special one this year as we’re celebrating our 20 year anniversary. We know how important it is for you to find the ‘perfect’ Christmas Gift whether that be for a friend, family member or colleague. We spend a significant amount of time improving our Christmas Gifts throughout the year. By doing so it makes certain that you, the sender are imparted with only the best we have to offer.


Designing Christmas Gifts


We have five senses known as sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Each of these collect information about our environment that are then interpreted by the brain. This has a significant impact on our enjoyment, emotions and memories. This is why our Christmas Hampers are advancing each year. Providing you with the assurance your intended recipient is engaged by every aspect of their gift, which in turn makes you feel in the Christmas spirit.


It’s a Matter of Taste

A pivotal factor in every Christmas Gift is taste. All of the contents in our Christmas Gifts will delight and awaken you’re palate. From Gourmet Christmas Gifts to Traditional Christmas Hampers, there is an option for everyone to sample from during the hustle and bustle of festive celebrations.


Tasting Christmas Gifts


On the other hand you may wish to send to someone living alone or just as a little Christmas thank you for support throughout the year. In this instance, one of our Christmas Hamper Gifts would be the perfect solution. While they are traditionally cheaper, the flavours inside are unaffected as each is packed full with different combinations of the same high quality foods.


Nothing is More Memorable Than a Smell

Christmas Gifts by the Fire


We associate smell with memories and places. Perhaps that’s reminiscing of times spent with you’re family in front of an open fire with cinnamon hot chocolate. Perhaps it’s making snow angels outside in the crisp fresh air. Upon opening a Basketsgalore Christmas Gift we hope the blend of freshly baked goods and classic Christmas scents will recall the feelings of years passed and satisfy even the pickiest of giftee’s.

It also became clear a lot of our customer’s really appreciate Alcohol Free Christmas Hampers, so that’s exactly what we’ve created. Although this isn’t because wine isn’t a popular item at Christmas time. It’s because the food items are so powerful they don’t need alcohol to elevate them.


Touch is Worth a Thousand Words

When it comes to Christmas, touch often revolves around the act of opening presents. There’s an unexplainable excitement on Christmas morning. It starts with whispers from the children wondering if Santa has arrived, to the sound of the tea-kettle boiling for mum to have her daily cuppa before the busy day begins.

Opening Christmas Gifts

As we are a family run business we know that family is what makes the holidays such a special time of year. We take pleasure in knowing all of the Christmas Gifts we dispatch bring excitement and joy.

Our Family Christmas Hampers definitely bring excitement to the littlest ones. While they spend time unwrapping copious amounts of sweet and savoury treats, it’s also made sure the hamper is grand enough to be savoured by the adults long after Christmas day.


To See is to Believe

Sight relates to both the appearance of our website and presentation of the gifts that are dispatched. We know shopping for a Christmas Gift Hamper should be easy and we pride ourselves in knowing we make it easier than any customer ever believed it would be.

All you need to do is select what gift you would like, when and where you would like it and we take care of the rest. We also pack all of the Christmas Gifts ourselves as we have an on site warehouse. This means each is presented to a professional standard and will look amazing under the Christmas tree.


Dispatching Christmas Gifts


We Hear What You’re Saying

While sound isn’t something often associated with gift hampers. It’s claimed our Christmas Gift Baskets bring an audible WOW factor when opened. Especially after their 2022 revamp, which sees the contents packaged in bright wicker baskets tied with vibrant Christmas themed ribbon. These are a real hit among our corporate customers along with Corporate Christmas Hampers.

Receiving Christmas Gifts


As this is our busiest time of the year and orders are already pouring through its hoped this Christmas will be just as big as years gone by. That’s why we suggest getting your orders in early to guarantee a special Christmas surprise for your family and friends.

If you are considering using our services for the first time or visiting us again, feel free to start your Basketsgalore journey now by browsing through our Christmas Gifts.