Luxury Christmas Hampers - From Luxury Service to Magnificent Hampers

Taking you on a journey through Basketsgalore luxury Christmas hamper range..


Whenever you think of luxury, what does it mean to you? To us its not only the brilliance of the Christmas Hampers we make, but the experience our customer’s have from the moment they open up our website. As we are gift company, we usually have two customers to look after. The first being you, the sender and your recipient, the receiver of the gift. We strive to make it an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Buying Christmas Hampers


In addition to having more than 20 years of practice putting together all of our Christmas Gifts, it’s hoped we can fill your homes with magical Christmas cheer this year..


Professional Preparation

If you take a browse through our Luxury Christmas Hampers, you can see we have a select number of gifts available. These have been carefully designed and chosen to provide you with a diverse range of Christmas Hampers. Which means there is a perfect option for everyone, regardless of preference.

You may notice a trend within the UK Market that Luxury Christmas Hampers must be packed full with alcohol. Although we believe this shouldn’t always be the case. We instead focus on packing all Christmas Gift Hampers with high quality luxurious food. These range from traditional Christmas flavours to modern gourmet items. That being said, we do still offer Luxury Christmas Hampers which include prosecco and wine.


Ordering Christmas Hampers


When searching for Luxury Christmas Hampers online, you might also find you’re spoilt for choice with many larger department stores selling their own branded hampers. Although this often provides us with much of a muchness.

As we are a family run business we listen to our customer’s and spend time throughout the year revamping our Christmas Gifts based on your feedback. We have also kept Basketsgalore branding to a minimum with it only appearing on the outer packaging. This results in a much more authentic Christmas Gift for your friends and family to open and appreciate.


Luxury Customer Service

Customer service is more important than you may think. Here at Basketsgalore we have implemented several channels of contact for you to get in touch with us. These include our live chat service for immediate support, phone call and email for any enquiries regarding new or existing orders.

We believe good customer service to be a crucial factor. This is because it helps us retain and make a loyal customer base for many years to come. It also pro-actively addresses any issues. Which let’s you know we are working to improve the Basketsgalore experience starting from the first point of contact.


Preparing Christmas Hampers


During the run up to Christmas we  increase our staff team temporarily to help out with the massive influx of orders coming through. Making for a very festive and lively office. This most definitely helps while we are busy checking through you’re orders and making up you’re heartfelt Christmas cards.


Proficient Presentation

Once the order is placed by you and checked by the administrative team. It’s sent through to the warehouse to be made up. Our team in the warehouse have been trained to the highest standard and specialise in packing Gift Hampers and Gift Baskets all year round.

The Luxury Christmas Hampers in particular arrive in several different packaging styles which includes traditional wicker baskets, modern white wicker baskets and vibrant metallic cases. Each is also elegantly wrapped in satin ribbon. While the contents are layered inside to make it a fun experience for the recipient to riffle through on Christmas morning and savour long after the fact.


Dispatching Christmas Hampers


In essence its hoped our Luxury Christmas Hampers are everything you’ve ever desired in a Christmas gift. We consider each to be unique in its own way. There is an option for every taste out there, whether that’s traditional, contemporary, for a family to share or to enjoy individually.

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