Christmas Gift Baskets - Making Christmas Unforgettable Since 2002

Affordable and Clever Christmas Gift Baskets are a winning combination every year.


The older we get it seems that instead of patiently waiting on Christmas Day, we dread the time we must spend shopping and preparing for the celebratory occasion. During the run up to Christmas we are caught up between finding Christmas gifts and purchasing Christmas food to keep the stomachs full during the festivities.

We have focused on making the process simple for you by supplying a selection of Christmas Gift Baskets that we are proud of. They have been intelligently designed to be both easy on the pocket and easy on the eye. Making for the perfect Christmas Gift.

Although you may ask, what makes our Christmas Gift Baskets unforgettable? Let me tell you..


Something For Everyone

Enjoying Christmas Gift Basket


When you’re stumped for ideas looking for a Christmas Gift to send a loved one or friend. Trying to choose something you know they will enjoy isn’t the easiest of tasks. This is because nowadays everyone seems to be very particular on what they find appetizing.

That’s why our Christmas Gifts include a variety of traditional Christmas foods and modern gourmet flavours. With such a selection, we know that inside each there is an option to favour any palate. While the Christmas Gift Baskets are normally cheaper than Christmas Hampers, this might suggest they are of lower quality.

However, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth when it comes to our Christmas Gift Baskets. The main difference is the appearance but it’s still packed full with a clever combination of the same high quality products you would find in our Christmas Hampers. 


Easy to Order

Christmas Gift Basket Contents


How many times have you went to order something online and gave up in the process? For me, that’s been more than I can count. This is usually down to a bad website design or confusing order process.

At Basketsgalore we know how important it is to have an easily accessible web-page and straight forward checkout options. This is especially important at Christmas time. Because who has time to waste precious minutes during the busiest shopping time of the year. All you have to do is choose the gift you’d like, tell us where and when you want it sent and we handle the rest.


Ideal Corporate Gift

Corporate Gift Baskets Ready For Dispatch


Our range of Christmas Gift Baskets have always been a hit with corporate customers. This is mainly because of their attractive price-points but that we also hand pack the gifts ourselves. This provides a company with the assurance each being dispatched has an extra personal touch instead of being mass produced.

We deliver to anywhere in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe. This really helps if you’re staff are not at the one delivery destination but multiple addresses worldwide. It couldn’t be any simpler than following through to our Corporate Enquiries page for information from our corporate team.



Opening Christmas Gift Basket


Let’s be honest, we arguably all want to send someone a Christmas gift that is instagrammable. Our Christmas Gift Baskets are both amazing to look at in person and picture perfectly. This is down to the design of the white wicker baskets tied with vibrant Christmas themed ribbon.

Whether it’s sat by the fireplace or under the Christmas tree, it’s sure to receive a lot of compliments. Even more so once its opened and enjoyed..


Made to Last

Receiving Christmas Gift Basket

Historically Gift Baskets and Gift Hampers have been intended to last longer. This is mostly because we all have so much food to make our way through during Christmas time.

From luxury mincepie’s and fresh cake to long lasting jam preserves and chocolates, all of the Christmas Gift Baskets have a selection of items fit for consumption immediately but also months later. This allows for it to be enjoyed sometime after Christmas has passed.

These are just a few of the reasons why Basketsgalore Gifts are unforgettable.If you’d like to find out more, feel free to read through 'Christmas Gifts (Ireland & Europe Delivery) - Your Spirit Their Senses'.