Sending a Birthday Gift Basket - It’s all about You-You-You

What comes first a commemorative thoughtful Birthday Gift or a Birthday Gift that is thoughtfully commemorative?  Is a memorable Birthday Gift different from a Birthday Gift, which will be remembered?


We argue that the latter is more important to you, the gift sender but the former is a nice way of differentiating it for us as the producer.  


Price Sensitivity is low for Birthday Gift Baskets

We know that when it comes to choosing a Birthday Gift or any gift in general the budget will influence your decision. In a piece of research found on the Boston Consulting Group website titled:  Understanding the Global Price-Sensitive Consumer, (Witschi  et al, 2021)


 Approximately 80% of consumers identify themselves as value conscious but no more than 10%  claim to intentionally choose the lowest-priced option.


If it is my tendency to click the filter button to range from lowest to highest, is it the case with others?  More importantly does this way of thinking restrict the range of Birthday Gift options presented to our customers?

We have kept price points in mind but specifically refused to centre the entire Birthday range around this one factor, even if it is very important. We don’t want anyone to perceive our Birthday gifts as lesser or greater in value than others in the range based upon only the cost. All of our Birthday Gifts are made up of the same high quality contents regardless of price. We don’t use cheaper alternatives, we can’t and we won’t.  

Nevertheless there is an appreciation from our years of listening to our customers that you want a Birthday Gift to be delivered up to a certain amount.  We think our approach gives our customers more and better choices.



Putting “You” at the centre as the Birthday Gift Sender

Things can become overly complicated when presented with hundreds of gift options online, it makes the process both overwhelming and tiresome for you as the sender. Our goal was to ensure that you were met with a “simply marvellous” selection of Birthday Gifts.  The act of purchasing the Birthday gift needed to be an enjoyable experience.  With such thoughtfulness would come the implication that every gift leaving our warehouse is important. We check every one and will include that extra personal touch and sentiment that we all want when sending a Birthday Gift.

We want your thoughtfulness and sentiment to be captured from design to dispatch.

So this is how we do it.


Designging and Ordering Birthdy Gifts



Extra thought goes into your Birthday Gift Baskets

Lets take a look at the Birthday Gift Basket range. When searching for Birthday Gifts online, we are regularly met with a recurring issue;   The clichéd Birthday Gift

Look up ‘Thoughtful Birthday Gifts’ and you’ll be inundated with personalised jewellery, art, coasters and many other novelty gifts.  One of the top options in every search was a mug.  A memorable mug is a great idea for a Birthday Gift because they are often given as gifts to remind us of someone or an event which is special. So we thought, how could we innovate this idea, augment it and ensure that its quality was good enough to include in a Baskets Galore Birthday Gift Basket?

The quality was achieved through direct sourcing and bulk buying a standardised mug, so that just left the customisation issue. The standard colourful ‘Happy Birthday Mug’ allows the receiver to hold onto and keep as a little memory of their Birthday celebrations.  However its fine for the sender to customise and we facilitate this.  

All mugs can be customised to any milestone Birthday from the ages of 18-90. If none of these apply, we simply include a colourful ‘Happy Birthday Mug’ inside. These options can be modified from the drop down box when placing the order.

While the mug is the key element in all of the Thoughtful Birthday Gifts, it doesn’t outshine the other items but rather compliments each component that makes up the Birthday Gift. It accentuates it, it doesn’t overpower it.



Thoughtful Happy Birthday Mugs


The Gift Basket itself is a beautiful white wicker basket. Our aim was to make certain they are impressive to look at but also filled with premium items to celebrate with. We know you want a Birthday Gift first and foremost, so the key product doesn’t always dominate, it supports both the Gift Basket and its contents. If you think we’re being overly semantic, lets take a look at what is likely to be another key issue for you as the sender.



Will my Birthday Gift look really special and professional?

Food items inside Birthday Gifts


You can imagine the difficulty in blending colours, flavours and shapes so as the resultant combination is professional and just looks like it has been put together expertly. The colours are coordinated to enable concepts to evolve in our Birthday Range. This gives you the power to theme the Birthday Gift around the giftee’s favourite or preferred colour, if you really wanted. These include vibrant shades of yellow and blue to rich purple, red and green tones. This small feature amplifies the consideration that has gone into development and will be evident to you when browsing, selecting and purchasing your Birthday gift.

Let’s say you want to send a Gift Basket for under £100 which includes delivery as most people do. We have included 17 Birthday Gift Baskets to choose from in the new Birthday range. These vary in price between £75 - £90.

A perfect example of one of our best selling Thoughtful Birthday Gifts Baskets is ‘The Birthday Vibrancy Gift Basket’. Aside from the aforementioned, we have also included a magnificent bottle of Prosecco in this Gift Basket to enjoy upon opening.


Men and Women receiving Birthday Gifts



There are No Birthday Stereotypical Clichés within our Gift Baskets

During development we think we’re beyond creating stereotypical Birthday Gifts according to gender because it reinforces stereotypical views regarding what we think people want.

So instead our collection of Birthday Gifts are intelligently adapted to suit both men and women. This can be difficult to do in our current market that leans so heavily on traditional segmentation approaches. They may  not be perfect, but the range is better for the fact that our mugs are unisex and not targeting either a man or a woman. The collection is better because the mugs contain classical Birthday Wishes, not jokes targeting men or women.

While there are nods to who our Birthday Gifts might be used for, the connections are loose and arguably spurious. Perhaps the most important factor that is at your disposal are the editable options. This allows you, the sender to adapt our Birthday Gift design for your precise purpose.




By putting the Birthday Gift Sender at the forefront of the problem, it has enabled us to define the difference between what you really want to send as a Birthday Gift.

A Birthday Gift which is memorable or thoughtful is different to a memorable or thoughtful Birthday Gift and that this distinction is most apparent when viewed through the eyes of you, the gift sender.

Rather than sending a mug on its own to commemorate your recipient’s Birthday or trawling through rafts of gifts that people claim are thoughtful, perhaps it’s best to integrate the most popular commemorative gift into a range of Thoughtful Birthday Gifts. Does this create the perfect balance between practicality and enjoyability. Only time will tell with every Birthday gift order you make at Baskets Galore.