Birthday Gifts for Men

In one way or another birthday gifts are sent to symbolise appreciation and love. Sending a Baskets Galore Birthday Gift is a sure way to let your loved ones know they’re in your thoughts.


When it comes to gift buying its often a tough assignment to find one that’s perfect whether it be for your husband, dad, brother or son. Mainly because great ‘Birthday Gifts for him’ are few and far between. This is usually down to the fact most gift items are marketed directly to women, leaving men without much choice or variety.

This exact predicament is why our new range of Birthday Gifts has been created. Our primary focus during the design stage was to steer clear of the stereotypical ‘Birthday Gifts for Women’ and ‘Birthday Gifts for men’. Instead we have assembled a collection of Birthday Gift Baskets and Gift Hampers which are suitable for anyone irrespective of age or gender. Each Gift can be customised by you to suit your giftee based on their personality, hobbies and interests.


Birthday Gifts for Men & Men’s Birthday Gifts

The difference between women and men is that women tend to accessorize more than men. We often have a vast majority of clothes, jewellery and handbags which makes it easier to be given a gift that we’ll appreciate as we have copious amounts of any one item. Men on the other hand frequently go out and buy themselves what they need when they want it for themselves. Meaning if there is something they want they probably have already bought it. Leaving us stuck for choice.


Men receiving Birthday Gifts


Instead of purchasing a novelty gadget or bottle of alcohol that will likely be gifted onto someone else we wanted to provide you with great Birthday Gift options that are suitable for anyone. To do this we first integrated four customisable collections. These are called the Fun Birthday Gifts, Thoughtful Birthday Gifts, Interesting Birthday Gifts and Happy Birthday Gifts. Inside each Birthday collection is a feature item which has been carefully selected by our development team.  This allows you to choose a Birthday Gift that you know your friend, family or colleague will enjoy.

The drop down options range from a topical magazine to excite their interests, a Happy Birthday Mug to show them they are in your thoughts, a fun cuddly toy to make them smile or a bottle of wine to celebrate with. Its our hope that this medley of feature items in company with a beautiful Gift Basket or Gift Hamper makes the perfect Birthday Gift.

Feature items in Birthday Gifts


Birthday Gifts for Husband

Husbands are plausibly one of the most difficult to buy for. Finding a gift worthy enough to show them how much they are valued and loved at home is quite a task. Many of us see gift giving as a love language and want this to be portrayed in the form of a really special Birthday Gift.

There is a popular conception that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Alongside the feature item we’ve included a multitude of sweet and savoury food items to feast on. However, instead of including the usual products we like to imagine men enjoy, we have diversified each Birthday Gift to have treats for any taste.

All of the Birthday Gifts are packed full with fresh chocolate cake, hand cooked crisps, fruit jelly sweets, Biltong beef jerky, a Happy Birthday chocolate bar and many other great options. Each of these items have been tested personally by our team to ensure they are of the highest quality.


Food inside Birthday Gifts


Birthday Gifts for him

Aside from the above, more often than not men are actually appreciative of the little details that go into a gift. This is why we have also incorporated five individual colour themes. These range from distinctive red, purple and green tones to vivid yellow and blue shades. This provides you with the option to choose a Birthday Gift based on his favourite colour. This small element can show the thought that’s went into browsing, selecting and purchasing the gift.


Colour concepts in Birthday Gifts


One of the last factors which I believe puts our Birthday Gifts leaps and bounds above the rest is our packaging. As we specialise in delivery to the UK, Ireland and throughout the world we understand that your Birthday Gift may need to be delivered in your absence or delivered by you in person. To make it simple to deliver to any location and provide you with alternatives, we’ve included four original packaging concepts. These consist of Happy Birthday Gift Boxes, Modern Birthday Hampers and Simply Beautiful Gift Baskets.

 Packaging for Birthday Gifts


The final aspect which rounds off the customisation of our Birthday Gifts is the ability to tailor the gift card to any milestone Birthday and add your own personalised message for your giftee to read upon opening. This last component of the Birthday Gift is no doubt going to make their Birthday one to remember.



In essence it was and remains our primary goal to provide an array of Birthday Gift Baskets and Gift Hampers that are a perfect option for a man or woman. Instead of focusing on gender and age related gifts, we’ve centred in on the customisation of Birthday Gifts to suit anyone's individuality. Follow these links to see how our product design facilitates your ability to purchase the perfect Birthday Hamper, the most delightful Birthday Gift Baskets, super Birthday Hampers and high end expensive Birthday Gifts.

We hope that each and every Birthday Gift sent brings smiles and laughs to you as the sender and your giftee on their special day. Our ‘Birthday Gifts Ireland & Europe - How our Birthday Gifts are born’ further highlights how this range came to fruition if you would like to read more.