Sharing Condolences and Grief with Sympathy Gifts for Ireland

Whether it's a close family member, friend or an extended relative. Good Sympathy Gifts do their bit in helping you express condolences in the most considerate and thoughtful way possible. 

Welcome to our cozy corner of kindness! At BasketsGalore we're all about keeping in touch, especially during life's toughest times. That's why we've put together a superb collection of sympathy gift baskets, gifts and hampers – designed to bring practical comfort and empathetic care to those who need it most.

In the midst of loss, finding the right words is really awkward as we flounder between silly and pointlessly wrong.  Our sympathy gift baskets are like virtual hugs – they wrap you up in love and find that elusive crack in the grey Irish cloudy skies to cast a sliver of sunshine onto one of life’s gloomiest ever days.

We’re exploring the world of sympathy gift baskets together because its important. We’re all going to die and when it happens I'd rather have my grieving family surrounded by practical, useful sympathy gift baskets than multiple bouquets of dying flowers that have to be disposed of.

What Gift to Send When Someone Dies?

In times of loss, the desire to offer comfort and support often goes hand in hand with uncertainty about the most appropriate gift. Words will fail to communicate the depth of our sympathy, you will want to send something thoughtful and considerate. So, what do you send when someone dies?

Enter the Condolences Gift Box – a low key, yet practically comforting gift in times of sorrow. This bakery filled gift box is more than just a collection of items; it captures the understanding of what runs out in a household when there is a death. With so many people visiting and calling in there is a real need to provide some simple, tasty tea time sweets and the Condolences Gift Box fulfils this requirement neatly.

With a sweet orange and cassis scented candle, casting a warm glow and filling the air with soothing fragrance. Combined with a selection of gourmet treats – from fresh chocolate iced cake to Dutch-style dark chocolate waffles – this gift box shares compassion, shares comfort, and shares healing with a comforting embrace.

But it's not just about the contents; it's about the sentiment behind them. Each item in the Condolences Gift Box is carefully chosen to offer a moment of respite in the midst of grief, a reminder that you are not alone in your sorrow.

So, when words fail, let the Condolences Gift Box do the talking. It's a small package with a big impact, a ray of light in the darkness of grief.

 What to Send Someone Who Is Grieving?

Navigating the journey of grief can feel like walking through a foggy maze, unsure of which path to take or where to turn for comfort. In moments like these, a thoughtful gift can make all the difference, offering support and a shoulder to lean on for grieving families.

Here’s our Sincerest Sympathy Gift Basket – Designed to show family or friends that you're thinking of them from near or far with this Sympathy Gift Basket designed sincerely and imaginatively.

Teas and Coffees are a needs must during this period of grieving, whether to help the recipient through the day, or one less thing to think about when people call round to your home. This gift basket provides a centre piece to a family home, and will bring the family together at this hard time.

Let the Sincerest Sympathy Gift Basket be a source of serenity for those navigating through hard times.

What to Send When Someone Dies Instead of Flowers?

Let’s think outside the vase for a moment! While flowers are a classic gesture of sympathy, why not improve things with our Bereavement Gift with Flowers? It's like sending the beauty of flowers but making it more practically desirable than a hamper– who wouldn't love that?

With a pretty flowering rose plant, all decked out in presentation gift wrap – it's a burst of colour and joy that'll brighten up any room. And paired with an array of gourmet treats – from handcrafted caramel fingers to mint crunch chocolate – this gift basket is like a little party for the taste buds!

But wait, there's more! Each item in the Bereavement Gift with Flowers is carefully chosen to offer comfort and support during a tough time. From the chocolate coated apple sticks to the Dutch style toffee waffles, every bite is a reminder that you're not alone in your grief.

So, when words just aren't enough, let the Bereavement Gift with Flowers do the talking. It's a heartfelt gesture that combines the beauty of blooms with the yumminess of thoughtful treats, offering love and support when it's needed most.

What Is an Appropriate Bereavement Gift?

When it comes to showing you care, nothing says it quite like a sympathy gift basket. Whether filled with gourmet treats, comforting candles, or speciality teas, these baskets offer a tangible expression of care and support during times of grief. The Condolences Gift Box, Sincerest Sympathy Gift Basket, and Bereavement Gift with Flowers are all great examples of appropriate bereavement gifts – they're tastefully appropriate expressions in a basket!

Each basket is specifically designed to be more appropriate in its own unique way, helping both the body and soul during a difficult time. And beyond the contents of the baskets, it's the sentiment behind them that truly matters.

So, when searching for an appropriate bereavement gift, why not choose something that offers both practical comfort and heartfelt sentiment – like a sympathy gift basket from Baskets Galore? With each basket, you're sending a message of love and support, reminding recipients that brighter days are ahead. They are the gifts that we really don’t want to send, but we won’t shy away from societal needs, so all we can do is make them better every year one basket at a time!


Upon the passing of life, it can be difficult to know what type of condolence gift to send. It’s an occasion we prefer not to think about, but something we all inevitability have to deal with. Whether that’s a close family member, friend or an extended relative. Good Sympathy Gifts do their bit in helping you express condolences in the most considerate and thoughtful way possible. Sympathy Gifts are vital, the delivery of a comforting Sympathy Basket or Hamper is a special way to show you care. Specifically when you want to share your feelings of support, because sometimes words won’t suffice.

As we've journeyed through this post, we've discovered the difficult of sourcing and deciding what gifts to send. We’ve looked at a snap-shot of suggested ideas. Whether it's the cozy embrace of a "Condolences Gift Box," the heartwarming spirit of a "Sincerest Sympathy Gift Basket," or the blooming beauty of a "Bereavement Gift with Flowers," each offering is a reminder that love and support surround us, even in times of loss.

With each basket, we try to convey the love and support felt by senders, reminding recipients that brighter days are ahead.  We do it all from our warehouse so in our little touches and with our institutionalised choices over the years putting quality and good taste on a pedestal, we believe we can reflect your wishes better.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of compassion and care. Together, we’re make Sympathy Gift Baskets more fitting and banish flowers to the funeral at most.



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