Gift Baskets for All Life’s Journeys


Written by a returning customer who celebrates their milestones with Gifts For any Occasion.

It was the day I broke my arm, that’s where our story began. That might seem beside the point now, but I promise it will make sense soon. My name is Noah and my day began like any other. I slept through my alarm which left me rushing out the door. A coffee in one hand and phone in another, frantically trying to find sunglasses that were already on my head.. But something stopped me dead in my tracks. A woman standing over the fence, one of the most beautiful woman I’d ever laid eyes on. She smiled and waved, I did the same.

When I got home from work that day she was moving stuff into the house. As the chivalrous man I am, I asked if she needed any help. “That would be great!” She says “My name’s Olivia by the way”. We exchanged pleasantries and I made my way over. We got talking, so busy talking that I tripped over a chest of drawers and straight onto my face. “How Embarrassing!” I thought.

I knew I’d injured myself but tried laughing it off. Olivia gasped and exclaimed “Your arm!”. Long story short, we spent most of our evening in A&E. Right away I knew there was something really special about this woman, we talked all night.

A few mornings passed and I heard a knock on the door, A courier stood facing me who handed over a Basketsgalore branded box with a gift card. I opened the card, it read “Wishing you a Speedy Recovery. Enjoy the Gift Basket, Love Olivia x”.


Get Well Soon Gifts


It’s funny how it all started with a Get Well Soon Gift. It was such a meaningful gift to receive, with a variety of puzzles, snacks and a book to keep my mind busy at home.

Next came my chance to ask her on a date and from there a whirlwind of romance began. Within the year we got engaged, moved into a new home and even got a puppy called Charlie.


New Home Gifts


The wedding was a blast, spent with our closest friends and family. We raved about Gifts from Basketsgalore and how special they’ve made our moments together, so much so that several people sent Wedding Gift Baskets as congratulations.

The next time our tradition continued was on Fathers Day. June 21st to be exact. I opened my eyes after a nap, Olivia sat patiently on the edge of her seat with a Gift Hamper. Startled, I uttered “What’s this for?”. She looked back at me wide eyed “Just open it!”.


Father's Day Gifts


Nestled amongst the Fathers Day Gifts inside was a positive pregnancy test. “My First Fathers Day Gift as a soon to be Dad” I thought. We both cried tears of joy, It’s a gift I will always remember and a moment I hold dearly.


Baby Gifts


The weeks and month’s flew by after this. It was only customary that I got my wife a New Mother Pamper Hamper. Filled with thoughtful and luxurious pampering gifts, it was one of many gorgeous Baby Gifts they have on offer. Before we knew it baby Ava had safely arrived into the world, she immediately became the most important little lady in my life.

The next I plan on getting is from the Anniversary Gifts to celebrate me and Olivia’s first year of marriage. I’ve arranged a special weekend together that includes a hamper filled with delicious foods and keepsakes. Which we can someday pass onto Ava as little reminders of the love we both share for each other and for her.

You might have gathered, I’m a tender-hearted man. Although, you must admit its crazy how these gifts have become a huge chunk of our lives from one small interaction. More importantly its because they continue to celebrate our life’s journeys, making each moment more special with gifts that can be for whatever we need them to be.

I cannot recommend Basketsgalore enough when it comes to quick and helpful service alongside high quality gifts for any occasion throughout the year.