Baby Gifts design is an art form, and at Basketsgalore we consider ourselves artists.  For 20 years it's been our mission to create the most admired and respected Baby Gift Baskets and Hampers in Ireland and Europe. But how and why do we do it?

Basketsgalore creates gifts that are a digital art form

We're the Baby Gift Hamper and Basket enthusiasts programmed to output innovative and aesthetically pleasing Babygifts.  Quality and presentation is hardwired into our gift designs.  We've committed 20 years to achieve our position as the best BabyGift Hampers and Baskets on the Irish online marketplace.  We invite you to follow our journey.

Ultimate Baby Gifts for Boys Basket

Our Ultimate Baby Gifts For Boy Gift Basket



We use 4 metrics to measure the success of our BabyGift Hampers and Baskets gift range.  

1. Is the Quality and Presentation of our Baby Gift Hampers and Baskets unequaled by anything else on the market?

2. Are we Exceeding the Expectations of the babygift purchaser AND the babygift receiver?

3. Are we optimising our digital selling platform?

4. Are we matching supply effectively and meeting demand efficiently?



1. Product Quality You Can Trust

We are obsessively focused on including the BEST quality baby clothing, toys, bath and body care, and accessories in our Baby Gifts Hampers and Baskets gift range.

We made a decision to only include respected, big brand babygift nursery products that the recipients will value and most importantly trust.

We also sourced sustainable organic cotton baby clothing and accessories from planet friendly, ethical Irish, European and UK based manufacturers.  

These brands included; Tomy, Steiff Bears, Gund Toys, Frugi Organic Clothing, Inch Blue Shoes, Aden and Anais Accesories, Lamaze Learning Curve, and Toby Tiger Organic Clothes.  




BabyGifts and Hampers Brand Quality Gifts



Ethical BabyGift Brands

We are an accredited retail partner of some of the largest, award winning, household name baby and nursery manufacturers such as Frugi Organics.


Basketsgalore Babygift Hampers and Baskets sustainable suppliers         Frugi Organics in Basketsgalore Babygift Hampers and Baskets   Basketsgalore organic baby clothing


Sustainable Wicker - Reduced Carbon Footprint

We only use sustainable wicker baskets that are both beautiful in appearance and last a lifetime.  Our Babygift Baskets make very practical storage containers, long after the gifts have been enjoyed.  They even come in useful for storing baby - as demonstrated in the photograph below that a very kind customer sent in to us for a giggle.  *NB this photo was taken in jest, and Baby Bonnie was removed after it was taken.   Basketsgalore does not use cardboard boxes, and call them "babygift baskets" or "babygift hampers." There is no comparison between a real wicker gift basket that will last forever, and a cardboard box that will be disposed of.


Really Good BabyGifts For Real Babies



Presentation with a WOW factor

We have a team of talented designers and artistic gift assemblers who love what they do.  They invest all of their creative energy and focus into making sure thatevery single gift basket that we dispatch is a Work of Art.

Basketsgalore Gift Presentation



Babygift Hampers and Basket UK Quality Presentation

The Extravagant Girls Baby Gifts


Babygift hampers and baskets quality you can feel




2. Exceeding Expectations Since 2004

Basketsgalore is the Original BabyGift company

For 20 years experience of exceeding customer expectationsestablished in 2004 and is trusted by global corporations.   See some of our corporate clients below:



Basketsgalore Corporate Clients



Competitive Pricing

As well as BabyGift Hampers and Baskets we offer gifts for every occasion throughout the year, as well as Christmas Hampers.  This results in big business buying power and large production scales, enabling us to offer high-quality Babygift items at reasonable prices.   

Warehouse of Babygifts by Basketsgalore

Direct Purchase, No Drop Shipping

Our customers buy direct.  We don’t offer drop shipping, sell on retail platforms such as Amazon or shopping directories, we don't partner with middle men companies that add on their percentage mark-up.  The product and price on our website is 100% transparent and what-you-see is exactly what you get.

Basketsgalore Happy Customer

Fast Turnaround and Delivery

Rapid processing times, overnight delivery, fully trackable courier service.

BabyGifts Delivery Why Send Flowers

Personalised Gift Design Service

We've built our business on going the extra mile for our customers.  No request is too difficult.   Reach out to us and we will do our utmost to accomodate your request.

Basketsgalore Gift Service Exceeding Expectations


3. Digital Technicians - Basketsgalore has been floating on the sea of digitalisation since 2004

Stating that you offer the Best BabyGift Hampers and Baskets in Ireland and Europe is a very lofty claim.  But, after 20 years of navigating digital currents, we genuinely think we've earned that right. 

If existing on the world wide web is comparitive to floating on a sea or ocean, the vessel of choice is of course a boat. 
In the fleet of maritime crafts, our Baby Gift website - based on it's longevity would be considered an established luxury cruise liner.   
New entrant baby gift companies, dotting the sea as they sail online are compartitive in size to kayaks. 
And those that started their sailing journey in the last few years of the internet retail boom would be little rowing boats.

Much like a boat, there's little point having a website, if you don't know how to sail it. 
A website is nothing without it's underlying source code data, and a myriad of software and programming. 
Aesthetic appearance and user-friendliness are of course vitally important.  But what's much more critical is what's under the surface. 
The time dedicated to SEO, maintaining and improving it's infrastructure, the quality and quantity of backlinks, content, good quality blogs, and links to social media profiles. 
These are all vital steps in developing and maintaining a dominant online presence. 
This takes years, and we've certainly put our time in here at Basketsgalore so that we can offer the best Babygift Hampers and Baskets. 


BabyGift Hampers and Baskets Baby Girl 

New Baby Arrival Baby Girl Basket       



Babygifts Hampers and Baskets Luxury Baby Boy

Luxury Baby Boy Gifts Basket


4. Matching Supply and Meeting Demand is what we do best at Basketsgalore

Since 2010, global eCommerce sales have increased by nearly 800%.  Basketsgalore was riding the crest of the internet wave right from the start. 
ECommerce has connected people across borders and opened the world up to sellers.  It's growth in the last decade has been astonishing.
10 years ago less than 5% of retail sales happened online.  During 2010 to 2020 this tripled to 18%.  In 2020 alone sales increased by 44% when growth entered an accelerated phase as consumers turned to online ordering during the pandemic. 
Here at Basketsgalore we experienced phenomenal demand throughout covid and lockdown.  Whilst the world was locked down, we resolved to keep pur service running as long as we could. 
As human's sought for a way to keep in touch, demand for Gift Hampers and Baskets shot through the roof.  With just the Company Directors and a few core Staff Members we managed to keep up with demand as we fortunately hold large stock levels.


BabyGift Hampers and Baskets UK Extravagant Girl Baby Gift 

Extravagant Girls Baby Gifts Basket     



BabyGifts Hampers and Baskets Extravagant Baby Gift Boy

Extravagant Boys Baby Gifts Basket     



If you're searching for BabyGift Hampers and Baskets Ireland and Europe we are the solution.

At Basketsgalore we have the EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE and ENTHUSIASM required to offer the BEST Baby Gift Hampers and Baskets available on the Irish online marketplace today.  Starting a business from scratch to becoming one of the largest online Gift Companies in Ireland is no mean feat.  It takes YEARS of SKILL and involves paying METICULOUS attention to detail.

We promise to exceed your expectations, and look forward to being of service to you.