Romantic Loving Gifts – A Gift for your Valentine for every season  

Don’t let the calendar dictate when to show your love. With BasketsGalore, every day is an opportunity to make someone feel special.

Love is not just a word, but a journey packed with surprises, chocolate, and may-be a cuddly toy or two. Imagine sending a hug wrapped in cellophane or a smile boxed up with a bow, all the way across the emerald isles of Ireland. That’s what we’re about at Basketsgalore – turning your affection into something you can send straight to your lovers' door!

From the breezy cliffs to the cozy pubs, our gift baskets make their merry way, spreading their love and a bit of magic from you to all those special people. Perfect for those who are mastering the art of long-distance love, surprise enthusiasts, or anyone keen on keeping the romance blooming 365 days a year (because why should Valentines have all the fun?).

We are about to investigate the world of Romantic Gifts and suggest alternative ideas to standard or average gifts – ones that will raise your heartbeat and be delivered with charm and chutzpah anywhere in Ireland or Europe.

Why Choose Romantic Gift Baskets?

It is easy to sit and endlessly scroll through pages and pages of potential gifts, but nothing seems to shout, “This is the one!” You want something that whispers sweet nothings, not just any old gift off the shelf. Enter the Romantic Gift Baskets range from Basketsgalore. These are not your run-of-the-mill, seen-one-seen-them-all gifts. Oh no, they're like cupid’s arrow in basket form, ready to hit the bullseye of your loved one’s heart.

The Personal Touch: Every basket is a lovingly created, chosen not just with food types, but with a personal flamboyant touch that says, “I get you.” It's like composing a love letter, where every item adds another line to your rhyme of affection.

Surprise Element: Who does not love a lovely surprise? Especially when it is delivered to your door, wrapped in elegance, and bursting with the promise of a special moment. It is the kind of surprise that turns a regular Tuesday into “The Day You Made My Heart Sing.”

From Anywhere to Ireland’s Doorsteps: Whether you are soaking up sun on a beach far away, stuck in a business meeting across the sea, or just living in the next town over, you can send a basket of love to anyone in Ireland. It’s like teleporting your feelings - no magic wand required!

Not Just for Valentine’s Day: We believe love is too grand to be confined to just one day. Whether it’s celebrating a milestone, a sweet “just because” message, or even a grand apology (oops!), there is a basket for every chapter of your love story.

So, why settle for the dull and banal when you can send a basket brimming with a greater love, thoughtfulness, and a little bit of fun? With Basketsgalore, you are not just sending a gift; you are sending a poetic verse from the heart, beautifully packaged and delivered with care.

Gifting Love in Spring, Summer and Autumn

Let’s get one thing straight: love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. Shocking, right? Love, in all its glorious forms, deserves more than just a single day of chocolates and roses. It’s an all-season, 24/7 kind of affair. That’s where we come in, with our Romantic Gifts that scream (in the most charming way possible), “I adore you,” every day of the year.

Spring Smitten: Why wait for April showers to bring May flowers? Spring into action with a basket that’s blooming with goodies, making their heart flutter with the freshness of new love, or rekindling the sparks of long-time lovers.

Summer Lovin': Ah, summer - the season of sun-kissed adventures and late-night conversations under the stars. Imagine their delight receiving a basket that’s as vibrant and full of life as a sunny day at the beach, no matter where you are in the world.

Autumn Affection: As the leaves turn and the air gets crisp, it’s the perfect backdrop for cozying up and sharing treats from a basket curated with warmth and thoughtfulness. It’s like sending a snug hug they can taste.

Winter Whispers: Cold nights, warm fires, and the magic of the holiday season - winter has romance written all over it. A basket full of choccies, snacks, and a peut–etre a little drinky can make any chilly evening more frivolously glorious

Unique Gifts for Every Type of Partner

So what types of Romantic Gifts can be procured quickly and easily online, each with a tale that differentiates them from the more standardised Gift Basket or Hamper suggestions. Whether you’re shopping for him, her, or sending a message across the expanse of kilometres, we have got something that’ll make hearts skip and brains bulge. So, let us take a quick look at the always improving collection, handpicked for those unforgettable moments.

For Him: Boyfriend's Gifts Galore

Thinking, “What Should I buy my boyfriend?” Let’s ditch the usual suspects and go for something that truly resonates. The Boyfriend's Gifts Galore basket is for the king of your heart helping you convey the 'you're amazing' moment for the incredible man he is. Imagine him unwrapping a selection that’s as unique as he is, from gourmet treats to a cuddly toy for a cheeky touch. It's perfect for making his day, showing him he is in your thoughts, and answering that age-old question with a resounding, “This! This is what you get the man who means the world to you.”

For Her: Perfect Girlfriend Gift Basket

Wondering how to surprise your girlfriend and show her your love? The Perfect Girlfriend Gift Basket could be your answer. Elevate your romantic moments with the Perfect Girlfriend Gift Basket, where love meets perfection and every item whispers, You're my one and only. Make her day unforgettable with this exceptional gift that says it all.

For Long-Distance Lovers: Valentines Day Flowering Gift

What can you send your long-distance partner to bridge the miles? You can make this Valentine's Day a veritable love fest and let this Valentines Flowering Gift Hamper be the star of your celebration. Do not settle for ordinary when extraordinary is just a click away?


 Breaking the Valentine’s Day Myth: Gifts Beyond February 14th

Who said romance is reserved for February 14th? With Basketsgalore, every day is a chance to celebrate your love story. From “just because” moments to “I’m thinking of you” surprises, our lovers baskets are designed to break the mould and create new traditions of love and appreciation, no calendar necessary.

 Making Memories Last

As we come to the end of this insightful journey through the world of romantic touches and the softer side of gifting, remember love isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. It’s about those unique moments, shared secrets, and the joy of making someone’s day, week, or even their year, with something as simple yet profound as a stylised gift basket brimming with love.

Now it’s your turn to spread the love! Explore a collection of Romantic Gift Baskets, which as the 2020s roll on will evolve and become even better expressions of your feelings. Whether it’s for him, for her, or for lighting up the days of a long-distance love, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let the calendar dictate when to show your love. With BasketsGalore, every day is an opportunity to make someone feel special. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make some memories, sprinkle a little joy, and keep the flames of love burning bright, all year round.



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