Parental Gifts Creating An Impact Throughout Ireland

A Gift Basket is one of the most appealing gifts that New Parents can receive.  A bundle of gifts beautifully presented, cleverly combined and arranged into alluring layers awaiting discovery. So just how do we create the perfect gift for New Parents?

New Parents Gifts Ireland

When it comes to sending a gift to New Parents Gifts it can be difficult to figure out what a New Mum or Dad really wants or needs.  

We believe a NEW PARENTS GIFTS that should be excitingly creative AND practical, wholly indulgent AND useful, boldly striking AND compellingly thoughtful.  It is these careful components that make up the perfect gift for New Parents, and we designed them from a blueprint many years ago.

Our New-Parents Gifts section was a natural extension in our baby gift creation journey.  Why focus solely on baby gifts, when there was an opportunity to use our knowledge to create Brilliant gifts for New Parents that they’d really want to receive?  As young parents ourselves, we instinctively knew how to create meaningful gifts that new Mums and Dads would find really useful and truly appreciate.  As gift company owners we knew we had the expertise and tools to create a range of impactful, innovative and high quality New Parent gifts that a purchaser would be proud to send. 

Back in 2004, New Parent Gift Hampers were an entirely new gifting concept.  There wasn't anything else like them in the Irish marketplace.  The only New Parents gift that did exist was an unimaginative bouquet of flowers that could be ordered from a florist.  Flower delivery was the go-to gift solution, everyone sent them when a new baby was born, and what started as a well meaning gift and intention got completely lost amongst all the other bouquets.  There is now an expression "not another bunch of flowers." 

Fast forward to today in 2022, when there are literally dozens of online companies offering gifts catered specifically for new parents.   

It hasn't been easy, but we've worked incredibly hard to maintain our position as the original gift company to offer innovative new parent hampers filled with gifts for Mum, Dad and Baby.  We believe that our new parent gift baskets are still the best on offer in terms of quality and presentation for 2 reasons.


New Parent Gift Ireland by Basketsgalore


Reason 1. Presentational Impact - our new parents gift arrive presented in luxury white wicker baskets that will last a lifetime.  Unlike the cardboard boxes offered by other companies.  A cardboard box is not the same in value or aesthetic appearance as a pretty wicker gift basket, now is it?

Baby wicker gift basket by Basketsgalore    Extravagant Baby Girl Gift Basket by Basketsgalore



Reason 2. Brand Quality - the gifts we include are made by quality brand leading companies with names that will be instantly recognisable to the new parents - and safety accredited for their precious newborn.

"We received a basket from this company as a gift from work colleagues following the birth of our son. It is the most fantastic box of goodies, ranging from Moët and Chandon Champagne and posh choccies for Mum and Dad, to fabulous Lamaze toys, comforters and beautiful clothes for our baby boy.   There is also a lovely selection of bathing items for mum and baby and it is all beautifully packed in a large wicker basket that can be re-used."


Brand quality new parents gifts by Basketsgalore



How does Basketsgalore create the perfect gift for New Parents?

By being innovative, and offering our customer choice.

Step 1. Offer something new - be an innovator. 

Step 2. Offer something better - become the brand leader.

Step 3. Offer something different  - stand out from the crowd.


Our Parental gift offering is based around 3 different types:


New Parents Gift Type 1 - Something New

Baby Flower Delivery alternative - the Baby Boy Bouquet Family Gift Basket  

The perfect long lasting alternative to a floral bouquet.  Send more than flowers.  This gorgeous gift basket for New Parents contains a selection of parenthood themed gifts, and is combined with a flowering rose plant to grow with baby.

Baby Boy Bouquet Family Basket  New Parents Baby Bouquet by Basketsgalore Flower Delivery For New Parents


New Parents Gift Type 2 - Something Better.

Champagne and Chocolates upgrade - Baby Gift Celebration Hamper

With a much higher value perception than a single bottle of champers, this sparkling gift hamper is the perfect gift for sharing and celebrating, and has the added benefit of hosting a range of practical gifts that the new parents will appreciate.  


Baby Gift Celebration Hamper by Basketsgalore     Baby Gift Celebration Hamper Ireland New Parents Gift Sparkling Celebration

New Parents Gift Type 3 - Something Different.

Well Being and emotional support gift. Proud New Parents Gift Hamper

Supportive gifts for new parents.  To help them cope and adjust their minds and bodies to parenthood.  Changes in everyday routine and sleepless nights can take lots of energy, emotional commitment and patience from new parents.  This is a gift that will stay with them for years, and surpass the newborn baby days.

Proud New Parents Gift Survival IrelandNew Parents Well Being Gifts by Basketsgalore    New Parents Gifts With Meaning by Basketsgalore New Parents Survival Gifts by Basketsgalore


This blog is the second in our Baby Gifts journey story series.  We hope that it helps give insight into our company, the thought processes and philosophy behind our gift creation, and helps you make an informed decision to trust Basketsgalore with your New Parents Gift sending needs in Ireland.