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Mother and Baby Flowers Gift Basket

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Why send flowers to a New Mum, when you can gift her with a flowering gift basket filled with lots of gorgeous gifts that will outlast a floral bouquet by months and even years.

What gifts can I send to a New Mum instead of flowers? Everyone automatically thinks of sending a bunch of flowers to a new mother, which means a new mummy often receives more floral bouquets than she knows what to do with.

While flowers are undeniably beautiful, our gorgeous Mother and Baby Flowers Gift Basket has been designed to offer so much more than the fleeting beauty of a flowering bouquet.  Our new mummy and baby gift option is a lasting wicker basket filled with a collection of practical and meaningful gifts that offer both comfort and support during this transformative phase of a new mummy's life.

So what exactly is inside our Mother and Baby Flowers Gift Basket?

The first item is of course the potted (in soil) mini Flowering Rose Plant which is carefully presentation wrapped in cellophane, before being carefully placed into a florist gift bag before being presentation gift wrapped and decorated in hand tied ribbon.

TSecondly a pretty and high quality white wicker gift basket is selected as the gift container.  Our name is Basketsgalore after all, and we are the leading gift company specialising in gift baskets.  Unlike a lot of baby gift stores that arrange gifts in cheaper cardboard boxes, we choose to arrange and wrap our baby gifts in sustainable wicker baskets, that have the added advantage of doubling up as a decorative storage piece in the new baby's home for many years to come.

Gift for the new mother include:

A bottle of the Mother & Baby Best Skincare award winning, pure and natural 'Silky Soft Mummy Body Wash'.  A luxurious and gentle body wash packed with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients including white water lily, chamomile and avocado oil to help replenish elasticity and keep skin soft and hydrated. Made by mums for mums with essential oils of lavender filled with gifts to restore and revitalise a tired new mum.  Continuing with the pampering theme she'll also find a 100% natural bath melt handmade by the Wild Olive Handmade Soap company, hand-made using the finest quality cocoa butter and natural essential oils to give a new mother with the perfect excuse for a warm relaxing bath-time.  

A fine china "New Mummy" gift mug for all the cups of tea and coffee she'll be drinking to help her through the tiring days and sleepless nights with a newborn baby.

Then we have a choice of beautiful keepsake gifts.  You can also choose between either of the two following items - or there is of course the option to include both for a small additional cost.

Gift choice number 1 is the 'Dear Mummy Love From Me' - a beautifully designed and lovingly written hardback book for every mother, to celebrate the wonderful things a mummy teaches her baby and the wonderful lessons her child teaches her back.  This 32 page, high-quality hardback book is a very special gift full of stunning colourful illustrations which highlight many of the life lessons a mother and child will have together, and will be treasured forever. Some examples are: • You teach me that I am strong. I teach you how strong you are.• You teach me that you would give up anything for me. I teach you what you have gained.• You teach me that sometimes my seas might be stormy. I teach you to be my anchor.

Gift choice number 2 is the uplifting and encouraging "Why I Love You Mummy" poem print, which is ready to frame and hang in a new mum's home. The theme of this very sweet poem is all about what Mummies do, and how much they mean to a baby and child. With lines such as • You celebrate each milestone new, You put me first in all you do.•  You make me smile, you're kind and funny, And that is why I Love You Mummy• 

Gifts for the new baby include:

An exceptionally cute and fluffy penguin toy and comfort blankie in one from the Suki baby gift collection, and also a stylish baby bandana bib by Ziggle Baby.

All of these items are presented in an open, fabric lined, pretty white painted wicker gift basket, which is gift wrapped, decorated with satin ribbon and accompanied by a new mummy gift card.

  • Pretty Potted Flowering Rose Plant in Gift Bag
  • 'Dear Mummy  Love From Me' Keepsake Gift Book
  • 'What Is A Mummy' Ready-To-Frame Poem Print
  • Love Boo 'Mummy' Silky Soft Body Wash 250ml
  • 'Special Mummy' Fine Bone China Gift Boxed Mug
  • Essential Oil Filled Bath Teabag by Wild Olive
  • Zebra Toy + Comfort Blankie In One by Suki Baby Gifts
  • Elephant Bandana Bib by Ziggle Baby
  • New Mother Gift Card
  • White Wicker Open Rectangular Gift Basket Lined in Fabric
  • Gift wrapped and decorated in 'New Baby silk ribbon

As young Mums ourselves, our 'New Mother' gift collection, is definitely close to our hearts.  Our New Mum gifts resonate deeply with us, because we understand first hand the joys and challenges that come with motherhood. When it came to their design we drew from our own personal experiences to create a range of gorgeous wellness gifts for new mums that we'd have genuinely loved to receive after the birth of our own babies. As mothers, we appreciate the importance of providing not only practical gift essentials, but also gifts that will provide new mummies with the opportunity to have moments of indulgence and self-care - gifts to make her take some much needed me-time and that help her adapt to life with a newborn baby.

Our aim is to create gifts that will ensure a new mum feels loved, appreciated, and empowered to embrace self-care during this transformative time.  With every single new mum gift basket design, we pour thought and care into ensuring that it embodies excellence. From the selection of high-quality gift items, to the elegant presentation, we strive for nothing short of perfection. Each gift is chosen with the utmost thoughtfulness and consideration, to ensure it caters to the needs and desires of both the new mother and her little one.

We believe that every new mummy and baby deserve nothing but the absolute best.   Just as we'd expect for ourselves, we strive to create gift perfection for the amazing new mothers who will receive our beautiful baskets. We understand that a birth is a momentous occasion, and we want our gifts to reflect the significance of this joyful milestone. By gifting a new mother pamper hamper, you’re not only giving her a physical gift but also a reminder to prioritize her well-being and self-care. It’s a gesture of support and encouragement, acknowledging the incredible journey she is embarking on and providing her with the tools and indulgences she needs to nurture herself alongside her little one.

Our new mum gift collection is carefully curated to include luxurious, professionally blended aromatherapy and pampering gifts that are designed to soothe and restore, and  make any new mum feel cherished and appreciated.  Our new mother pamper hampers are filled with relaxing and invigorating scented candles to ease stress and tension; a collection of indulgent new mother pamper lotions and soothing bath soaks packed with moisturising and nourishing ingredients; nourishing and hydrating hand creams; uplifting essential oils to stimulate, energise and refresh her senses; heatable lavender soothing body wraps filled with natural flax and lavender seeds to soothe, aid relaxation and relieve stress and headaches; sleep well eye masks infused with lavender and made from comforting soft fabric to block out light to help a new mummy sleep when baby sleeps.

Alongside these indulgent treats, we have included sentimental keepsake gifts that hold a special significance, that capture the joy and love of motherhood, and celebrate the precious bond between mother and child. Each gift in our range has been carefully chosen to celebrate a new mum's journey and honour her remarkable strength and resilience. We have taken great care in sourcing high-quality products that offer both practicality and indulgence, ensuring that the gift basket you select will truly resonate with her.

It's our genuine desire to bring joy and happiness to every new mum, as we truly understand the profound impact that thoughtful gestures and support can have during the early stages of motherhood. We have poured our hearts into every aspect of our new mother and baby gift collection, and we hope that each gift basket is a reflection of our dedication to creating something extraordinary for the wonderful new mums who will receive them.

  • Presented in a pretty, white, rectangular, open wicker gift basket, fully lined with cream linen fabric. Measuring approximately 37 x 24 x 15cm
  • Professionally shrink wrapped and beautifully decorated with a luxurious satin ribbon.  Resulting in a true “wow factor” upon delivery.
  • Mini Potted Rose Plant Presented in Flower Bag with Cellophane Gift Wrap
  • Accompanied by a gift card - you will be prompted for your personalised gift message during check out.
  • Lightweight and suitable for both Ireland and UK delivery, as well as international delivery to the European Union
  • Delivered in a bright and colourful Baskets Galore branded cardboard box
  • Basketsgalore wicker baskets really are the gift that keeps on giving, as they can reused around the home for storage and organisation for many years to come.

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