Baby Gifts for Ireland with Brand Quality Contents and a Professional Finish

Very few Gifts are as much fun to create as Baby Gifts.  Very few Gift occasions in Ireland are as competitive. How we keep on top of designing Better Baby Gift Giving ideas.

When we send a Baby-Gift, we are not performing a duty or fulfilling an obligation.  After all there is nothing to insist that we even have to send a gift.  What we are doing however, is placing ourselves as a character in the life journey of the person that is receiving the gift.  We are sending a message, which we hope resonates long after the gift has been enjoyed, consumed or outgrown.

This is why stories, brands and the journeys other take, play such a crucial role in our range of Baby Gifts.  Regardless of how you chose to send your gift choice from our collection of Baby Gifts, we work very hard to ensure that our designs play role in the story of you and your recipient.  We may only be the intermediary, we may only be an "extra" in the story, but we insist on getting fully into character and performing our role with unbridled enthusiasm.

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This blog has been written to highlight the 3 Journey Pathways that we have dedicated our working lives to nurturing with our Gift Basket company, with a specific focus on the Baby Gifts section.  We hope that you find our journey as interesting to read about, as we found travelling it.  Perhaps the story of our experiences, from a start-up company formed 20 years ago in our Mother's house in 2002, to our activities today in 2022 might help someone beginning their journey of establishing a business?

Our pathway meandered along three different, but significant routes.  We will be talking a little bit about each journey in this and subsequent blogs dedicated to each journey:

Journey 1: Parental Gifts   

Journey 2: Baby Gifts

Journey 3: Unique Baby and Children's Gifts

For now we are focusing on our core Baby Gifts Journey.  There is no event in life more significant or special than the birth of a baby.   We believe that such a momentous occasion warrants nothing less than the most perfect of gifts.  This is why we have dedicated vast amounts of time and energy into the creation and growth of our Baby Gifts range.   Without wanting to blow our own trumpets, we do truly believe that our Baby Gifts are the best available in the UK market.   

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But what is it that makes our Baby Gifts The Best?

We believe it's our Concentration on Quality and our Meticulous Attention to Detail.  We are obsessively focused on including the BEST quality baby clothing, toys, bath and body care, and accessories in our baby gifts range.  

Our objective was to only feature Big Brand Leading baby and nursery products that the gift recipients - the Mum's and Dad's - would recognise and trust.  We also made the decision to incorporate baby clothing and accessories sourced from planet friendly organic cotton, manufactured by sustainable and ethical manufacturers.  

In 2002 we contacted world famous baby brand names, and pitched to be an accredited retailer.  At the time we were an unknown internet company - a novelty.  The internet was in it’s infancy.  Google itself had only been formed a few years previously in 1995.  The baby brands we wanted to include were household names, and of course they had concerns about brand devaluation.  They’d only ever sold to established bricks and mortar retail companies.   But I was relentless in my conviction that this was the future.  I assured them that I wouldn’t sell their products individually, but as part of an overall Baby Gift Basket package.  My steely determination to not take no for an answer worked, and I became the original and only online Baby Gifts company selling recognisable baby brands that people respected, valued and most importantly trusted.  These brands included; Tomy Global Baby, Steiff Bears, Gund Toys, Frugi Organic Clothing, Inch Blue Shoes, Aden and Anais Accesories, Lamaze Learning Curve, and Toby Tiger Organic Clothes.  



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This blog focuses on the very beginning of our journey.  We hope that it serves to underpin the fundamental principles of why you can trust Basketsgalore with your Baby Gift sending needs in Ireland.


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(Designing a selection of this year's Baby Gifts in my warehouse last year)

Our Baby Gift Design is about journeys.  We only create gifts that we know will be loved and wanted.  Whereas our product range for our Parental Gifts Journey and the Childrens Gifts Journey are more product definable as you will see, the Baby Gifts Journey is about us.  You the patron of our business for all these years and the designs I bring to life.