Lovingly Designed Romantic Gifts 

You’ll be sure to capture their heart or reignite your spark with these Valentines Gifts.


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Throughout the year we send gifts to express our appreciation and gratitude for one another in the form of small presents. However, what happens if you’re looking for something new or a little bit different? What do you send when flowers and chocolates are not enough? Whether you’re single, partnered up or somewhere in between these Romantic Gifts are perfect for you especially with Valentine’s Day approaching.

Basketsgalore believe Valentines Day isn’t just about lovers and romance but it's emotive symbolism to the person you are sending. It's an opportunity to celebrate love of all kinds. That’s why all of the New Valentines Gifts have been designed without prejudice and are perfect for anyone no matter their age or gender.


For Our Loved Ones

Valentines Gifts for a Loved One


Let’s say you’re looking for a Valentine's gift to send your daughter, mum, best-friend or partner. It takes time to hunt through the simplistic gifts typically found online. However with Basketsgalore there’s a suggested gift basket with husbands, wifes, friends, relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends and partners in mind.

Two new designs for popular themes are Girlfriend's Gifts Galore and Boyfriend’s Gifts Galore. Both have a mixture of contents you would like your loved one to receive, not what society says they should receive. What makes these Gift Baskets stand out from the rest is the use of customisable drop downs. Allowing you to choose its purpose whether that’s with a bottle of Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc or Craft ale.  After all, who says women don’t appreciate a craft lager or a more savoury selection of foods? 


For Your Sweetheart

Valentines Gifts for Husband and Wife


Imagine you’re searching for a gift to give your girlfriend or boyfriend on your first Valentine's day spent together. It can be difficult to think of what to buy or do. That’s when Basketsgalore steps in to solve your problems with these beautifully thoughtful Valentines Gifts.

Popular examples include the Cute Little Valentine For Him and Cute Little Valentines For Her. Both are frequently gifted as a token of appreciation for a first valentine’s as well as the Special First Valentine Gift.  Although any of these could just as easily be sent to a long term boyfriend or girlfriend.


For Your Significant Other 

Boyfriend and Girlfriend and Valentines Gifts


Assuming you are busy with the annual February rush of finding the perfect Valentines Gift for your husband or wife. It can often lead to a panic buy that is questionable at most.

Basketsgalore have created a range of Loving Gift Baskets for this very reason, making it as easy for you as 123!

You’ll be sure to capture their heart or reignite your spark with the Perfect Wife Gift Basket or Husband’s Perfect Gift. Both are the perfect blend of romance and sentiment to send to your better half. They can also be enjoyed as a couple with the practical inclusion of sweet and savoury treats to share.



For the Few & Far Between

Valentines Gifts and Personalised Card


When it comes to Gift Hampers and Gift Baskets. The price can sometimes determine its extravagance. However, Basketsgalore have designed two vastly different Valentines Gifts for your loved one this year.

The Nomadic Valentines Gift is a hamper, which sacrifices a lot of the frills and focuses on the quality food and drinks inside. All of its contents are either usable, consumable or recyclable. Perfect for someone with a nomadic lifestyle and also at its lowest price ever.  It can be as easily and quickly transported to Europe as the corners of Britain.

At the other end of the scale is the Valentines Crown Gift Basket which is quite literally fit for a Queen. Inside are leading food products such as Whispering Angel Rosé, gourmet truffles, pampering products in a large, lavishly presented gift basket.

We design gifts not just for occasions but for the personalities and times throughout the year when the occasion strikes you. For a summary of all those occasions visit Basketsgalore.