These Unique Christmas Hampers are The Gifts That Keep on Giving

There's nothing more exciting than unwrapping presents, and these hampers from Baskets Galore offer a range of unique products that are a delight to unveil.



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Is there one person you always struggle to buy for when it comes to Christmas time? Baskets Galore, one of the UK’s biggest and best gift baskets companies, has the perfect gifting solution for you.

The unique hampers are packed with premium products, each personalised to the individual and which are perfect for the festive season - think mince pies, Prosecco and sweet treats!

The family-run company is celebrating something extra special this year, as 2022 marks 20 years of successfully creating these stunning gift baskets which truly have the 'wow' factor.

So this festive season get ready, because word on the street is that the Christmas hampers this year are set to be glitzier and more distinctive than many other traditional baskets on the market.


The Christmas Family Hamper - the perfect gift for your friends and family

Family Christmas

Friends and family Christmas hampers are at the centre of the company's creative process. This is clear through its commitment to innovation throughout the year, offering gift baskets for a variety of occasions. So if there's that one family member you are struggling to find a gift for this festive season, ditch the socks, give a hamper instead!

This isn’t a corporate Christmas Hamper company - connecting families together in the UK is every bit as important to the team as larger orders from the corporate market.


Stylish Christmas Hampers

Stylish Christmas Hamper


Many Christmas hampers in the UK follow a tried and trusted formula of offering regional specialities or have a price consciousness, based on packing as many products in as possible, as cheaply as possible.

Standing out from this approach to product selection is difficult to convey online, but Baskets Galore has a variety of ways of communicating the stylishness of its offer. One way it does this is by carefully structuring and assembling each Christmas Hamper, which is presented in a stunning satin white basket.

You may notice that there’s no ‘filler’ products, and there’s no attempt to make things look bigger than they are. There is just intelligent design, which brings a professional, stylish vibe to these Christmas hampers.


Low cost Christmas hampers delivered with flair

Christmas Hampers with a Flair

We all know the unwrapping of a gift is an experience in itself, and this is especially true with these meticulously arranged Christmas hampers.

Each hamper basket is individually designed and expertly packed with the same care and attention, whether it's a gift from its most expensive hamper range or chosen from the selection of low cost Christmas hampers. The gift wrap is exquisite and the unwrapping experience brings with it a sense of mystery and magic as you discover the wealth of goodies inside.


Christmas hampers presented with panache

Preparing Christmas Hampers

The true attention to detail when it comes to perfecting each Christmas hamper is what brings a real sense of panache to each one, making them really stand out from the crowd and really give that 'wow' factor upon delivery.

But be quick, each hamper is limited in number and proves to be popular (even selling out) most years.

There’s a reassuring familiarity with the flavours and selection of Christmas foods, but a sense of curiosity created by the distinctiveness, which small producers bring to the market-place. They are in a world of their own, which is why so many over the years have taken on out of this world names.


Popular Christmas hamper bestsellers

Before the pandemic, the most popular festive hampers were the non-alcoholic creations such as 'Snowy Christmas Morning', 'Christmas Tempter' and the 'Cheesy Sunshine Basket'. However during the pandemic with the surge in demand during 2020 and the supply chain container delays of 2021, there was no alternative other than to suspend their sales.

Now however, these best selling Christmas hampers options are back, with even more options and choices than before, as the company excitedly launches the return of its signature Christmas hampers in these exceptional formats.


New Christmas hampers for 2022



Thinking outside of the box is literally what Baskets Galore does and this year one of its new designs is the ‘Christmas Mars Gift Basket’ and the 'Christmas Cosmos Gift Basket'.

In a world of look-a-like Christmas Hampers, there is only one company which goes the extra mile to stand out. This little family gift basket business, Baskets Galore, is one company which takes its time to make each Christmas hamper truly special.