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Birthday Mugs and Hugs Hamper

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We want our Birthday Hampers to be conventional and universally appealing. Yet they must be designed with a distinctive intelligence about them if they are to be successful online. We make Hampers such as the Birthday Mugs & Hugs Hamper because it delivers these things on your behalf across Europe.

We produced 17 different Birthday Hampers with 4 completely distinctive themes appropriate for 5 primary target markets. There is a Birthday Hamper for just about every age of Birthday, every type of person, there is a real absence of basic customer profiling, but there is what we hope is a highly sophisticated form of thoughfulness, which we hope our customers can test for themselves. We tried to imagine the characters and personalities of our friends and family members. Which of the hampers would we select for them and how would we personalise it with the symbolic differentiating element.

We easily stand out in terms of the tangible product , not just in terms of value, quality and appearance. We also rank highly in terms of key purchasing factors associated with delivering a brilliant Birthday Hamper and to top it all off there are a number of other intangible elements regarding key features and personal benefits, which punctuate our Birthday Hamper offers. We’ve created great Birthday Hamper Ideas and we’ve truly innovated Birthday Hampers within the industry by taking a step back and applying a sense of perspective. We let our imaginations create something unusual.

We retained all the most important physical elements that made a wicker hamper the conventional vehicle for sending a Happy Birthday Hamper in terms of their volume, size, tactility, naturalness, future utility value. However, we modified the restrictive material, eliminated it’s disadvantages, defined clearly its primary purpose and extended its practicality in terms of future use. This resulted in perfectly sized collapsible cases ideal for transportation augmented by magnetism and velcro fasteners for future practical domestic applications in a range of tasteful earthy colours. Distinctive in terms of quality of matt satin finish. They are just classy looking gifts, but they are also substantially better value than the old wicker based hampers.

In all respects this is anon gender specific general Birthday Gift Hamper, simply colourful and inclusive. It stands out purely on the basis of something alternative to the standard market segmentation approach and with its future drop downs allows for the expansion of choice to celebrate the enormous diversity of the human mind. The key advantages to our Birthday Hampers are that they contain the most popular products as decided by you our customers over two decades, we use sharing sizes prodigiously to maximise value yet we still deliver a really slick professional brand quality package which stands out in a very crowded market-place. All our Hampers are in stock throughout the year and we dispatch daily. They are made freshly each day and are customised to ensure a happy experience for bother sender and receiver.

Essentially if these Birthday Hampers were being compared to an international brand that we are all familiar with, it would be Apple in so far as we haven’t created something wildly different, we’ve just made it look, feel and handle so much more smoothly. We’ve reverse engineered what is really necessary from a Birthday Gift and proposed these new Birthday Hamper ideas. Going ahead, we have the option of expanding the options for our Original Birthday Hampers with drop down options centred around the primary symbol whether that be the cuddly fun toy, the topical reading material, the degree of specificity of mug message or the variety of wine. The benchmark for future Birthday Hampers has now been set meaning that future innovation will be on the evolution of customers individuality and preference rather than ordinary and illogical product line extensions.

White China Happy Birthday Mug (Please Choose from ageless Happy Birthday mug or 30th/40th/50th/60th/70th Birthday mug)
Fresh Chocolate Cake 400g with Happy Birthday Message
Irish ChocolateChip Cookies Kilbeggan 200g
Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon 140g
FairTrade Chocolate Mango slices by Forest Feast 150g
Hazelnut Truffles PowderPuffs Butlers 200g
Ethical Cardomon TeaBags NEMI
Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar GNAW 100g
Willies 80g SingleEstate Chocolate Slab
Vegan Peanut Buttercups Love Raw 34g
Irish Cheddar&Onion Hand Cooked Crisps Shindigs 40g
LowCalorie Cheesy Pretzel Spelt Bites Indie Bay 26g
Perkier Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Protein Bar 37g
Brave Roasted Chickpeas coated in Dark Chocolate 30g
StickyToffee Chocolate Bites Lily O'Brien's 110g
Caramel Chocolate Buttons GNAW 150g
DutchStyle Toffee Waffles Tregroes 260g
Presented in a Magnetic Valise

Create a collection of different and remarkable Birthday Hampers, which stand out yet with no specific gender bias to avoiding stereotyping, but instead a light suggestive hint, completely over-ridable on the basis of individual human preferences. Whilst the dominant focus was on Imagination, Quality and Value, these Birthday Hampers needed to be differentiated, modern and brand distinguishable from the mass hamper market. At the same time they needed to stand out in the highly competitive general Birthday Gift market with their reassuringly familiar contents synonymous with Birthday Hampers.

We’re not really a hamper company, so we have a massive advantage when it comes to designing Birthday Hampers. Maybe people see us as being a Hamper company, but our mission was to create the greatest gifts in the world for your friends and family back home. Since our focus is on this design & development, the issue of the complexity of delivering our Birthday Hampers becomes a critical consideration. How could we design Birthday Hampers, which were what shoppers considered to be a hamper, but still stand out as being different. How could we appeal to the desire for something innovative, but essentially timeless, Different, but not too different, like when you go to a new restaurant and want to try a familiar and favourite dish. You don’t want it to diverge too far from what you expect it to taste like, but at the same time, you want your preconceptions to be gently challenged. This is the key characteristics people associated with their ideal Birthday Hampers.

The pursuit of something different meant that this had to be a competitive marketing challenge, Our location and our infrastructure dictated that we could not just have the best products nor could we simply be the most efficient. Even ostentatious differentiation in the Birthday Hamper Market would not be sufficient. We wanted to produce a range of unique Birthday Hampers across multiple markets, in a variety of fields of interest and in multiple dimensions of consumer appeal. Our “differentiated Birthday Hampers” needed to have several highlighted zones, which distinguished them from rival offerings. It was only then that our Birthday Hampers could be easily distinguished and where the features, benefits and distinctive elements could be highlighted intelligently to assist the customer. The proposition we wanted to make to our customers would not be to buy a Birthday Hamper from Basketsgalore, simply because it is a little bit different, but because it is different across so many important dimensions most importantly being value for money, product selection and creative conception.

We wanted to be Different without being stereotypical or undesirable, so product selection by our customers was analysed across a number of 6 year control periods from our start-up days to the modern day. This meant that we were not distorting what people wanted according to what was popular in more recent times. It also meant that we were not constricted or limiting ourselves to conventional and established views. There was room for improvement, but not the demand to force it. We wanted our Birthday Hampers to have a professional & distinctive feel to them. Being Different didn’t stop at different products. Any sign of appearing cheap or any sense of home-made amateurishness needed to be banished comprehensively. We would be different because we stood out as professional. Co-ordination of Birthday colours, namely brighter fuchsia, limes, sky blue, turquoise would be targeted and a clear definition of the associative Birthday message through the symbolism associated with the Happy Birthday Mug would be distinctly different to the conventional old Birthday Hamper.

Out went the wicker hamper. The traditional wicker container is not sustainable for Europe going forward. Rattan doesn’t grow here in commercial quantities. Feedback from shoppers clearly depicted demonstrated that there was no longer an association of premiumness with wicker that they were prepared to pay for, so long as what was on offer was tastefully appropriate for display. We thought outside, inside and around the box. We craved something visual, something useful and we wanted our recipients to have the option of extending the life of the container because of its utility value. We commissioned our own in-house task force drawing upon our experience as designers. We designed a box perfect for a Hamper designation, ideally applicable to being a Birthday Hamper and customisable to a range of other gift occasions when you may consider a hamper.

Creating something as sophisticated as this is intended to appeal to an international clientelle focused on delivering a Better Hamper for Birthdays. This level of product development and investment in terms of our time and resources could not be justified on a local, regional or even a national bias. In the same way that the British & Irish Diaspora would entrust us with their Birthday Hamper requirements, so too did we hope that our “Little bit Different” Birthday Hampers would appeal to a wider market and cosmopolitan shoppers of a European Heritage.

  • This is a substantial gift. The Dimensions of this Gift Basket are 34 x 30 x 15 cm.
  • Arriving in an outer box which aids delivery and keeping the gift undamaged during transit. The Volumetric Weight of the package is 9kg.
  • This gift can be delivered across Ireland, within 2-3 days of ordering. We also deliver to the 27 states of the EU and the UK without duties. Please select your desired delivery date at checkout.
  • This gift features a high-quality, reusable white shopper basket with handles. The gift basket is crafted from natural wicker and lined with calico cream linen fabric, creating a luxurious impression. It is professionally gift-wrapped with cellophane and elegantly decorated with a bright satin ribbon, perfectly suited to the occasion. You will be prompted to provide a gift card message, and a card will be added to your gift that matches the occasion for gifting.
  • The basket is crafted from natural materials, making it both practical and eco-friendly. It can be reused for various purposes, adding to its value. Furthermore, the outer cardboard packaging is fully recyclable, aligning with the EU Packaging Directive 94/62/EC and promoting sustainability.

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