Fancier Christmas Gift Baskets for Unforgettable Gifting Throughout Ireland & Europe

Discover what sets our Gift Baskets apart,  from premium quality and affordability to stunning presentation. We've got all the secrets to help you stand out under the tree this year.


'Tis the season to be jolly, with a warm glow in the air and the aroma of cinnamon, pine, and mulled wine wafting through the room. It's Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. The time has come to dust off our warmest jumpers, organise Christmas decorations and prepare for a season of joy. And, in the midst of the Christmassy tunes and cosy fires, we exchange Gifts.  


Exchanging Gifts


We’ve made it our mission at Basketsgalore to turn gifting into an art. It’s not just about handing over presents; we’re here to help you express love in the form of beautiful Gift Baskets. So, as you think about finding the perfect Christmas Gift for a family member, dear friend or valued colleague, let’s dive into the world of Christmas Gift Baskets that are like works of art, just waiting to be unwrapped.

In this blog, you’ll find out the unique features that make ours special. From the finest treats to how they look, we’ve got all the secrets to help you pick a gift that stands out underneath the tree this year.


What adds a touch of Christmas elegance to our Gift Baskets?

Christmas Gift Basket Contents


These are not your ordinary Gift Baskets. We’re on a mission to create a special experience. We’re the gift-givers who like to surprise, not just satisfy. Our team are always on the hunt for fresh and exciting products to include in our Gift Baskets. That’s why we’ve partnered with trusted suppliers and artisans who are as passionate about quality as we are. The result? We consistently bring you the very best.

Now, here’s the magic touch: Designed is a collection that combines premium quality with affordability. You’ll discover a range of options, from larger Christmas Gift Baskets to modest-sized ones. We’ve found the perfect sweet spot where generosity meets budget-friendliness. And to keep things interesting for everyone, whether you’re into a splash of alcohol or prefer a non-alcoholic selection, we’ve got you covered. But there’s more! We’ve launched a brand new range of Savoury Christmas Gift Baskets to compliment our already popular Value Christmas Gift Baskets. These fresh arrivals provide a unique twist on the classics our loyal customers have loved for years.


Women Opening Gift Basket at Christmas


We know that the art of gifting isn’t just about what’s inside; it’s also about the presentation. Our Gift Baskets aren’t just filled with delicious food, they’re elegantly wrapped with beautiful ribbons and housed in stunning wicker baskets. These versatile baskets can be repurposed long after the festivities. Imagine them as stylish storage for books, toys or cosy blankets. Effortlessly merging functionality with beauty in any setting.


Who finds delight in our Christmas Gift Baskets?

Woman Reading Christmas Card


Our Christmas Gift Baskets are thoughtfully created for anyone who values the combination of exceptional value and superior quality. No matter where you call home, be it amidst the twinkling lights of a busy city, the beauty of countryside landscapes or somewhere in between, our Gift Baskets are your ticket to spreading the joy of Christmas far and wide. Creating moments that are not only memorable but positively magic.

We recognise that Christmas holds a deeply personal place in the hearts of many, with unique meanings and traditions woven into its fabric, this is why our Christmas Gifts are designed to ensure that there’s something for everyone. Whether your purpose is to surprise a family member with an unforgettable Christmas morning, express appreciation to a valued colleague with a touch of elegance or perhaps indulge yourself in a well-deserved moment of luxury, our Christmas Gift Baskets are your gateway to the perfect celebration.


How do we exceed expectations for our customers?

Exceptional service is at the heart of our approach, and it starts with a strong commitment to getting into the heads of our customers. We value your feedback as if it were our North Star, always guiding us in the right direction. We understand the importance of making sure your Christmas Presents reach their destination on time. That’s why our customer service team is always on standby, ready to address any questions or concerns that may crop up when you’re placing an order.

Once placed, our administrative team swings into action to double-check addresses and phone numbers to make sure they’re spot on. This step eliminates any room for unexpected surprises along the way. When your order is good to go, it’s handed over to the warehouse. Think of it as our own version of Santa’s workshop. Our dedicated team works around the clock, kind of like Santa’s elves, to prepare and ship Christmas Gifts to homes across the world.


Warehouse Team Packing Christmas Gift Baskets


What really sets us apart is all three of our teams operate under one roof. This close-knit teamwork ensures that we have a watchful eye on every aspect of your order, from the moment it’s placed to its grand opening at it’s final address. Guaranteeing your Christmas experience is nothing short of unforgettable.


Why do our Fancier Gift Baskets shine brighter than the rest?

Christmas Gift Baskets Ready for Dispatch


You see, many companies tend to go a bit overboard with their branding, drowning out the real stars of the show, the exquisite food inside. But not us! We believe in letting the original packaging of the products shine, arranging items to make sure they look as tempting as can be without unnecessary branding distractions. Because, let’s be honest, it’s all about those delicious contents, not about putting our name everywhere.

What’s more, our location in the UK brings a unique advantage to our international customers. Picture this: you’re in sunny Melbourne, Australia and you’ve got loved ones in Galway, Ireland. The thought of sending a Christmas Gift Basket over might seem daunting but fear not. With us, you’ll only pay local shipping charges, making the whole process affordable and hassle-free.

But here’s the best part, we’re not just a faceless corporation. We’re a family run business, and we see you all as individuals, each with your own unique stories and reasons for choosing our Christmas Gifts. So, when you choose us, you’re not just selecting a product. You’re opting for a team that genuinely cares about the joy your gift will bring, and that’s what truly sets us apart.


Basketsgalore Team at Work


We hold the belief that Christmas Gifts should strike a balance between being substantial enough to make an impact and intimate enough to be meaningful. If you’re curious about what happens behind the scenes when making Gift Baskets, pay a visit to our YouTube Channel. On the other hand, if you’re inclined towards a more lavish experience, read about our Giant Xmas Hampers which will certainly bring the ‘WOW’ factor. Alternatively, our range of Traditional Hampers and Transportable Hamper Gifts offer ideal choices for a variety of recipients.

This Christmas, go the extra mile to make it truly remarkable. Send a Christmas Gift Basket that's a genuine one-of-a-kind surprise. When you opt for Basketsgalore, you're not just sending a gift; you're sending a heartfelt memory. Crafted with love and attention, it's our way of sharing a piece of our family with yours.