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Planet Friendly Gift Basket

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Planet Friendly Gift Basket is an ecological sustainable gift basket for those who undertake actions to look after our whole world. It is an eco friendly appetizing gift basket filled with delicious goodies made by the conscious producers.

To contribute to ecological sustainability we have designed a gift basket filled with eco friendly goodies. By creating this cheerful looking ecological friendly gift basket we wanted to be able to offer an ecological sustainable gift basket for those who know how important is our own impact on the planet. This appealing gift basket was thoroughly built from the products made taking our planet into account. Most of the products in this scrumptious gift basket are organic and organic farms use less energy, release less carbon emissions and foster more biodiversity. Also, all our vegan products in this eco friendly gift basket like coconut water, willies cacao dark chocolate helps us to be more ecological sustainable. Each day vegan diet saves 1 animal's life, 4200 l water, 45 pounds of grains, 9.1 kg co2 and 30 ft2 of forest land. As this colourful gift basket centre piece have been chosen as a nut butter made from the most sustainable nut in a world - Hazelnut. Hazelnuts are a great example of sustainable agriculture. Not only do they require little water and minimal upkeep, but they can thrive in harsh soils where other plants would fail. In a fact that this delightful and eco friendly gift basket is full of conscious product choices, this multi coloured gift basket is probably all what this planet lover would want. From a perspective of a gift presentation - this ecological sustainable gift basket looks fun, happy and cheerful. So if you were thinking how to cheer somebody up and be ecological sustainable at the same time - we have what to offer - a planet friendly scrumptious gift basket.

Pure Apple Juice 250ml by Long Meadow x 4 mini bottles
Luscombe Sparkling Apple 27cl
Nemi Engslish Breakfast Tea 15
Qi Teas Organic Fairtrade Green Tea & Ginger
Lindt Master Chocolatier Collection 144g 
Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate Buttons 80g
Willie's Cacao Surabaya Gold 69% Dark Chocolate Bar 
Montezumas Smooth Operator Milk Chocolate 90g
Kind Bee Summer Honey, 250g
Nutural World Hazelnut Butter
Cocofina Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - 200 g 
Jealous Sweets Tangy Worms, 125g
Rhythm 108 Ooh-la-la Tea Biscuit Double Choco Hazelnut Sharing Bag
Killbeggan Irish Oat Cookies
The Foods of Athenry Gourmet Sodabread Toasts Multiseed with Cumin
Cream Wafer Bar in Chocolate, Love Raw 43g
Cream Wafer Bar in Chocolate, Love Raw 43g
Deliciously Ella Almond Nut Butter Balls, 36g
Love Corn Impulse Sea Salt 45g
Ape Lightly Salted Coconut Puffs
Emily - Sweet Potato Sticks - Salt & Chardonnay Vinegar
Shindigs Mature Cheddar & Sweet Onion Crisps
Abakus Foods Seaweed Crisps sea salted 18g
Medium fabric lined open Wicker Basket
Gift wrapped and decorated in hand tied ribbon & bow
Gift Card for your personalised message

Planet Friendly Gift Basket is one of our gift baskets we are proud about. It is a gift basket not only serving for a gift giving but it is also a gift basket serving whole world. When designing this multicoloured gift basket we kept our planet in mind. To create an ecological sustainable gift basket we had to put a lot of thought and effort in it. All products in this charming gift basket are thought over. If you were thinking to give this Planet Friendly Gift Basket as a gift you can be sure it has a lot of delicious, interesting and planet friendly products in it. Some of the producers who made those high in quality products also contributes to various charities to support environmental causes by 1% of their sales. Have a look at Abakus Foods Seaweed sea salted Crisps - the producers of this plant based product is doing this. To support our whole world by maintaining food production for the future producers also designs a plastic free product packaging. The packaging of Nemi English Breakfast Tea is plastic-free, biodegradable and the tea is Fairtrade-certified or the packaging of Deliciously Ella Almond Nut Butter Balls is made from 100% recyclable cardboard. Step by little step us and all the producers we work with are contributing to ecological sustainability. And if you decide to give this ecological friendly gift basket as a gift remember that you are also supporting all world. This pleasant ecological sustainable gift basket will surprise anybody who knows how important is our own impact on the planet.

Arrives in a 30 x 22 x 16.5 cm fabric lined open wicker basket, gift wrapped and decorated in a hand tied ribbon.
Outer box measures 39 x 37 x 19 cm and has a volumetric weight of 8 kg.

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