Birthday Gifts for Her - The Perfect Partner Staring You in the Face

Every woman in your life deserves to be spoiled. Although its not the materialistic things that are most important. Its about the effort, thought and creativity that goes into the gifts which are given.


There are lots of Birthday Gifts for her, but how do you get the perfect gift for your ‘her’. If you’re you a man or woman looking for a Birthday Gift for your wife, your sister, your lover or your mother? then no doubt you’re finding it tough. We discover ourselves spending hours searching for that perfect gift. In the end we often panic buy items that might not even suit her personality, wants or interests.

The primary focus during the creation of our New Birthday Gift Range was to steer away from the stereotypical ‘Birthday Gifts for women’ which dominate the market place. A key element in all of our Birthday Gifts is that they are free from gender or age bias. They have been created with the sole purpose to suit your giftee based on their own individuality.


Birthday Gifts for Mum

For example your mum deserves the absolute best on her Birthday. That’s why gifting her a token of your appreciation for bringing you into the world, putting your needs before her own and being your lifetime best friend is so important.

Many of us don’t live near our mums and this leaves us struggling to find somewhere that offers the option to send a great Birthday present. As we specialise in delivery to the UK, Ireland and beyond its easy with just a few clicks. The gifts in our new Birthday Range are the perfect solution to show her your unconditional love from near or far.

Birthday Gifts for Mum

The vast selection of high quality products in each of the Birthday Gifts will definitely receive a stamp of approval from your mum. I couldn’t name them all but every gift includes freshly baked chocolate cake, a range of mouth watering savoury snacks and loads of other well thought out treats.


Gifts for her Birthday & Birthday Gifts for her

Lets face it, finding the perfect gift for ‘her’ is a much more daunting task than selecting a gift for him. Allegedly, this is mostly down to the fact there is an overwhelming amount of products to choose from and an audience who is much harder to please!

When ‘Birthday Gifts for her’ are pictured, the things that come to mind are the stereotypical girly items which are usually thrown together without thought or reflection about what women actually want. Our goal was to allow you the freedom to tailor your gift to suit the most important women in your life.


Birthday Feature Items


We have integrated four customisable collections in the Birthday Gift Range. These are known as Fun Birthday Gifts, Thoughtful Birthday Gifts, Interesting Birthday Gifts and Happy Birthday Gifts. In each Birthday collection a different feature item is included inside. This gives you, the sender the ability to choose exactly what you know your recipient will value.  The drop down options for the feature items range from a cuddly fun toy, topical magazine, birthday mug or a variety of wine.


Birthday Gifts for Women

A Birthday gives you the chance to make the woman in your life feel like a million dollars. Women who don’t enjoy receiving gifts on their birthday are few and far between. Although if you’re shopping for your girlfriend, wife, sister, grandmother or mother its normal for them to feel a little disheartened to open a cliché gift. Usually its one that’s been gifted a hundred times over or a silly novelty item which will likely sit on a shelf gathering dust.

Women's input during the design and creation of the Birthday Gift range was consequential as we think we know exactly what women want. Our goal was to innovate Birthday Gifts for the better and its our quest to ensure we have done just that.


Designing Birthday Gifts


Not only have we provided our customers with the power to select and customise the feature items in the gifts but also offered a selection of vibrant colours to choose from.

Who said women could only like pink right? .. The Birthday Gifts come in an array of colours like Azure Blue, Lemon Yellow, Ruby Red, Fern Green and Electric Purple.


Birthday Gift Colours


Unusual Birthday Gifts for her

Unique Birthday Gifts are not only imaginative but are thoughtful. Every woman in your life deserves to be spoiled. Although its not always the materialistic things that are most important. Its about the effort, thought and creativity that goes into the gifts that you give.

We wanted to create a Birthday Gift Range that’s original and unusual. It’s been designed in such a way that you can choose the feature item, themed colour but can also decide upon the packaging. The packaging concepts consist of Happy Birthday Gift Boxes, Modern Birthday Hampers and Simply Beautiful Gift Baskets.

 Birthday Packaging


The final factor which is imperative in each of the Birthday Gifts is that we specifically tailor every gift with an appropriate Birthday card. Inside that Gift Card will include a personal message written by you, giving it that extra personal touch.

In essence its our hope that our new range bestows you with many great Birthday Gift options to browse and choose from easily. Making it an enjoyable experience for you and creating a special Birthday for the chosen lady in your life.



We’re all unusual as women and men. We believe this range celebrates our diversity by adding laughs and smiles. Our ‘Birthday Gifts Ireland & Europe explains the origins of our creativity if you’re interested in reading more.