Who’s idea was Father’s Day?


Father’s Day was invented in 1910 by a lady named Mrs Sonora Smart Dodd. Sonora’s Dad was very special to her and she wanted to honour him in the best way she could imagine. She wanted to create a day for all Father’s, just like hers, to appreciate how amazing they are. Sonora’s Father  who was as a civil war veteran and raised six children as a single-parent (Drew, J., 2016). Even in today's modern world, that would be considered quite the handful! But as of today we should remeber that we are not just celebrating Father’s, but all father-like roles. Such as step-fathers, grandpas, brothers, uncles, and male mentors…


In a heartwarming quote by Ama H.Vanniarachchy, “A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remains as a pillar of strength throughout our lives” Picard, C. (2021). 


It is clear that within a family a Dad holds the family together with his unspoken strength and courage. When we were growing up, we could always rely on Dad to be there for us, whether that was taking our side in a silly fight, or wiping our tears when we cut our elbows and knees. But as we are all moving along with our lives, we should stop to think if there is anyone there for our Dad now? Although Father’s Day is coming up and we should send our Dad’s a gift of love and appreciation, we should really try to send him love and support all the time.


If you liked this quote, I came across a website with another 50 quotes for Father's Day! You could even note one down and write it in your Dad's Father's Day card.


Fathers Day Quote


Remembering to Appreciate Dad


It is easy to forget to appreciate Dad when we lead such busy lives ourselves, between our career, our own family, and our social lives. We can often rely on Dad to clean up behind us and forget to say thank you for small gestures, like bringing you a cup of tea in the evening while you catch up on work, or looking after your children while you have a night off to spend with your husband or friends.


Dads are renowned for being difficult to buy for, as they always insist they don’t want anything more than a card, which is probably true! This leads us to buying the stereotypical Father’s Day gifts such as socks, a tie, slippers, or a mug. Make this Father’s Day extra special by sending him a gift basket to show your appreciation for everything he has done, and will continue to do for you.


Father’s Day Gifts from Baskets Galore


At Baskets Galore, we have created a range of Father’s Day gift baskets so there is something for every Dad. Of course being a hamper company all of our gifts focus on food, however we have created other baskets with unique additions such as ales, a choice of magazine, and a shower set.


For The Beer Loving Dad


Many Dads enjoy sipping a cool beer on a Sunday afternoon, if this is your Dad then we have several gift baskets which would be perfect for him this Father’s Day. Aside from ales, we have combined the flavours in this gift with snacks to be enjoyed hand-in-hand.


Take a look at our Father’s Day Cheese and Beer Gift Basket.

Father's Day Cheese and Beer Gift Basket

For The Sporty Dad


Whether he loves watching golf, cars, or fitness we have curated a Sport themed gift basket with your choice of magazine. Your Dad can kick his feet up, get tucked into his magazine with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and slice of chocolate cake.


Sporty Gift Basket


For The Pampered Dad

Dad’s try and act tough, but deep down we know that they all love being pampered and taken care of. With that in mind, we have created a Lifestyle Gift Basket including a shower set, bottle of Prosecco, and sweet and savoury treats.


Father's Day Gift Basket Shower Set

While these baskets are aimed towards Dad, we can customise the basket towards the important male role-model in your life, whether that be your grandpa, uncle, brother, or stepfather, we will change the themed gift card to suit your personalised message.


We know how difficult it can be picking the perfect gift sometimes, so we have created a wide range of gift baskets to take the stress away from you, let us do the hard work and make your Dad’s day special. To view the full range of Father’s Day gift baskets click here