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Mystery Sentiments

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Uncover the mystery, embrace the unknown

Treat a friend, loved one or yourself with a mystery hamper. The element of surprise is what makes this gift so exciting.

Inside, discover local brands and products loved by our customers. Giving yourself the opportunity to discover something new and fascinating by taking a chance on a mystery box.

We can't reveal the exact contents, but just know each is unique. Whether this is your first time ordering from us or your 100th time. Each box will be unique to your occasion or recipient based on your chosen option from the drop down above.

The contents chosen will be drawn from products already available on the Gift Hampers page.

The value of the contents will be priced accordingly and will guide the selection criteria.

All products will be within their best before date. However, please be advised they may be within 2-3 weeks of their shelf life date.

There will be no duplicate products included inside.

If there are any products you would specifically prefer. Please add your request into the 'additional comments' box at checkout. Our team will then action this after order confirmation.

Are you struggling to find the perfect Hamper for someone you know? That could be for your mum, your brother, your sister or friend. It would seem there’s so many options available to you, but an overwhelming number are too expensive. That’s why a range of Mystery Boxes at a discount price are a great alternative to the Luxury Gift Hamper normally found online. By combining an eco-style package filled with the same high quality contents found in all of our other Gift Hampers it’s the ultimate fusion. With over 20 years of experience we are professionals at what we do, and strive to help you send the best gift possible to your loved ones.

The popularity of Mystery boxes in recent years has catapulted in numbers internationally. Originating in Japan it was first called a ‘blind box’ and soon after travelled into China. This is where its initial fame started amongst the younger generation, with many street corners and shops now having automatic vending machines with Mystery Boxes stocked inside. Before long a well-known trend began to emerge in Western countries across several social media platforms like Youtube and TikTok, with many consumers sharing their unboxing experience with the world. So we figured now would be the ideal time to release our take on the sought after  ‘Mystery Box’ which are suitable for any age.

If you’re looking to send something for a relatively cheap price in comparison to most, You’ve found it here with this range of unique Hampers with a thrilling twist. Mystery Boxes are not only a perfect gift for a friend or family member, but are also great to gift yourself. Fun shouldn’t be limited to only the person receiving, right? These Gift Hampers have been designed to delight and surprise everyone involved. Our warehouse hand-pick each of the contents most suited to you. But you might ask, how would they know your preferred items?  That’s when our drop-downable options chosen by you when ordering are cleverly applied.

Let’s say you want to send a Hamper filled with items that evoke a feeling. We’ll include items that portray your emotions toward the person receiving such as excitement, caring, celebration or sharing. While we’re unable to share the exact contents list (that would ruin the surprise), we can tell you there’s nothing quite like this anywhere else at such an affordable price. You simply choose which sentiment you’d prefer and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s compact eco-friendly design make it perfect for delivery anywhere in the UK, Ireland and Europe. With the added bonus of being 100% recyclable packaging, its great for anyone living a nomad lifestyle. Alongside its competitive price how could you get any better than this?

People love surprises and we do too. So we invite you to share your unboxing with us online. You can do this on any of our several social media platforms if you choose to send one to yourself or even to someone you know. These Hampers are synonymous with Forest Gump’s famous quote “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. Nevertheless we assure you, for every occasion and every circumstance, our Gift Hampers won’t disappoint.

Gift Box measures 37cm x 28cm x 17cm. 100% Recyclable with no External Packaging.

Guaranteed to make your recipients smile. Accompanied by a personalisable gift card and envelope - you will be prompted for your personal gift message during check out.

Lightweight and suitable for both UK delivery and international delivery to the EU. Delivered in a bright and colourful Baskets Galore branded box.

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