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Get Well Gifts Galore

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As they explore the Get Well Gifts Galore, they'll be surrounded by an outpouring of love and well-wishes, reminding them they're not alone on their journey to recovery.

"When we are apart, it can be difficult to know what to send as the perfect get-well gift when there are such a wide variety of gifts available. We have created the perfect range of get-well gifts that all include fruit, healthy snacks, chocolate and entertainment.
Our get-well gifts galore basket exceeds expectations as it includes healthy snacks ensuring the recipient is looking after their health, as well as some fruit, sweet treats, and a magazine to boost their mood and take some time out. All of our get-well gifts include a fruit pack of oranges, and green and red apples providing a real source of vitamin C to boost immunity. Within this gift in particular there are organic oat cookies, and tea biscuits to enjoy with a cup of organic tea to warm the heart. This gift-basket is a little unique as it includes a large bottle of apple fruit juice, a traditional get-well soon drink. While it is important to eat healthy in a recovery journey, we know that everyone loves chocolate. Knowing this we included chocolate snacks to boost their mood and energy levels, such as chocolate butter cups, chocolate enrobed fruit, and more surprises. You can be assured that the recipient can enjoy the treats packed within our get-well gifts with no guilt, made by conscious producers.
It is said that the body and mind are connected, how you think can affect how you feel, and how you feel can affect your thinking. Keeping those thoughts in mind we thought it was important to include a few items to keep the mind occupied and positive, such as a magazine of choice and a little book of sudoku.
Get-Well Gifts Galore has bright, uplifting pink and purple tones running through it. Pink is the universal colour of self love, and we think it is important to take time to yourself and love yourself, get-well gifts galore makes this possible for whoever receives this basket.
Our Get-Well gifts are unisex and would be appreciated by anyone who enjoys fruit, chocolate snacks and completing puzzles. They will be on the mend in no time with our Get-Well Gifts!"
  • Magazine of Your Choice - Please Select
  • Rubiks Square Wooden Puzzle by Lagoon Games
  • Brain O Mania Trivia Card Game
  • Fresh Fruits (8 pieces)
  • 60% Dark Chocolate Figs Forest Feast 140g
  • Chocca Mocca Blueberries Smothered in Chocolate
  • Swiss Almond Biscotti Biscuit Rhythm 108, 135g
  • Double Chocolate Mallow&Marsh Marshmallows 100g
  • GuiltFree Lismore Dark Chocolate coated Apple Sticks 25g
  • Rebel Kitchen Organic Bytes Chocolate
  • Healthy Dark Chocolate Bar GNAW 100g
  • Mixed Chocolate Buttons GNAW 150g
  • Dark Chocolate Pretzel Baked Spelt Bites 31g
  • Original Irish Oat Cookies Kilbeggan 200g
  • Candy Kittens Eton Mess 54g
  • Vegan Hazelnut Love Raw 34g
  • Sparkling Apple Juice LongMeadow 750ml
  • Bittersweet Figs S.A.T. El Artesano, 370g
  • Dark Chocolate Praline Spread
  • Gift wrapped and decorated in hand tied ribbon & bow
  • Gift Card for your personalised message
  • Packed in Giant White Gift Basket
There’s nothing fun about getting sick, injuring yourself or just needing a little extra help, but for most of us it will happen at some point in our lives. Whether that results in recuperation at home, in the hospital or a longer stay elsewhere it helps to have someone in your corner wishing for your recovery. That’s why significant time has been spent curating and perfecting a range of unique Get Well Gifts to express your warm wishes in the best possible way. These gifts are suitable for most of the population with no bias between age or gender. Each is filled with high quality food, interesting products, delivered professionally by courier with impeccable presentation every time.
We go above and beyond for you as our customer. So how could we help you send the most thoughtful Get Well Gifts possible to your loved ones? We started by asking ourselves some important questions like what should a Get Well Gift include? What foods are good for someone that’s sick? And what are the best products for passing the time? As we all know that everything seems to slow down when you’re not feeling well, so keeping focus on something for a little while is a great distraction. These gifts stand out from anything found anywhere else with the helpful inclusion of engaging gifts to nourish, pamper and uplift the ones closest to you.
A selection of Get Well Gifts were designed based on the most notable gift items when sending well wishes. Each creation has to be distinctive and personable to the person receiving and for you in terms of societal need. Whether that’s sending positive thoughts to ill family members and relatives, sick friends and colleagues or staff members and work associates. Most importantly these Get Well Gifts needed to illustrate your thoughtfulness. Anyone who is recovering from surgery or illness will not fail to be impressed by one of these unusual gifts arriving to brighten their day.
The go to Gift Basket style of gift basket when someone we know is ill is of course the mighty fruit basket. Yet surprisingly sending a fruit basket is not particularly popular with people receiving them. Many respondents tacitly hinted that the baskets of fruit proved to be more of a nuisance value than something they valued. Too much, too heavy were common complaints. What people wanted were curiosities, their most favoured healthy snacks with elements of a fruit pack, which could be consumed quickly and conveniently to build wellness and assist immunity.
In addition to this, all of our Get Well Gifts have a unique colour theme, with each carrying different sentiments. Thus our Food & Fruit Baskets are intelligently designed for situations and individuals, perfect for sick or recovering family and friends at home. Not only are they easily sent to colleagues off work or to loved ones in hospital, there is no chance that perishability and worse still undesirability rear their heads.
Unlike gift giving during happier occasions, a gift for someone who is sick can be a bit more challenging. That’s why making life easier for you is what we do. We pull out all the stops to make the act of choosing and purchasing a gift as special as possible for you as well as the person receiving.
Our customer service team are on the other end of the line ready to help with any special requests or changes that may crop up and when it comes to Get Well Gifts, this is an absolutely huge aspect of the endeavour. Often people are moved wards, some hospitals outright accept patient parcels. Discharges occur suddenly out of the blue and gift baskets require re-directing. We have an oversight into all aspects of the company with an on-site warehouse and customer service office in one place. It’s straight-forward for us to prepare and dispatch your gifts the very same day for delivery anywhere in UK, Ireland and throughout Europe. And the reason for this is that we are a real tangible presence that are there with you every step of the way from beginning to end.
When your gift is delivered, not only do they now get to enjoy a beautiful gift basket, but are also sent the message that you are keeping them in your thoughts. It’s the perfect antidote to raise their spirits during a difficult time in their life. Although we don’t just stop at Get Well Gifts, we’re the UK and Europe’s top Gift Basket company so if you’re looking for something more traditional, all of our Gift Baskets and Gift Hampers are great for any occasion you have in mind.
  • The Dimensions of this Gift Basket are 54 x 34 x 20 cm.
  • Arriving in an outer box which aids delivery and keeping the gift undamaged during transit. The Volumetric Weight of the package is 20kg.
  • This gift can be delivered across all of the UK, within 2-3 days of ordering. We also deliver to the 27 states of the EU without duties. Please select your desired delivery date at checkout.
  • This gift features a high-quality, reusable gift basket. The gift basket is crafted from natural wicker and lined with calico cream linen fabric, creating a luxurious impression. It is professionally gift-wrapped with cellophane and elegantly decorated with a bright satin ribbon, perfectly suited to the occasion. You will be prompted to provide a gift card message, and a card will be added to your gift that matches the occasion for gifting.
  • The basket is crafted from natural materials, making it both practical and eco-friendly. It can be reused for various purposes, adding to its value. Furthermore, the outer cardboard packaging is fully recyclable, aligning with the EU Packaging Directive 94/62/EC and promoting sustainability.

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