Creative Customers and a Lifetime of Gifts


Written by a loyal customer who captures their families success with Gifts for any occasion.


Allow me to introduce myself as a self-proclaimed procrastinator. My husband often says I unintentionally make life difficult for myself. Nevertheless, I prefer to see myself as an adventurous spirit, always seeking the thrill of finding exactly what I need at the very last moment. And it was during one of these thrilling quests that I stumbled upon an incredible stroke of luck.

Even though a decade has passed, I vividly remember the chaotic scene in my kitchen. My eldest daughter Julia was strutting around, all guns blazing. “Where is my hair-dryer? Have you stolen it Kim? I know you have!” She yelled at my youngest, who was blissfully unaware listening to whatever the latest music fad was at the time. But before I begin, I’d like to mention our house isn’t always so chaotic.

That particular day was filled with stress and bitter-sweet emotions as Julia was getting ready to flee the nest. This was especially difficult for my husband John to come to terms with. His precious first born would no longer need a lift to school or insist on late-night snacks from the petrol station (which he secretly enjoyed). I took a moment to savour the bustling energy of our home, knowing that it would soon change.

I caught Julia’s attention by announcing how proud I was of her. Through teary eyes, John softly murmured, "No goodbyes yet, Rosie. She isn't leaving until tomorrow". The final 24 hours flew by, before I knew it our last embrace was shared at the departure gate.  

Our car journey home that day was unusually silent, more so for fear either of us would cry. While bitter-sweet, nothing could deny how proud we were of Julia in that moment. Later that evening, John and I sat on the sofa, contemplating what we could do to show our support. I suggested sending a care package to Julia at the university, to which John agreed, albeit noting our tendency to leave things to the last minute. I couldn't help but smirk in response.

The next morning it took me a few hours, but what I found was truly priceless. I stumbled upon a family-run business specializing in designing, packaging, and delivering Gift Baskets & Hampers.


Good Luck Gift


Choosing the perfect Gift Basket from their selection of Good Luck Gifts was a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly website.  Allowing me to personalise a greetings card and choose delivery for the next day. “Wow!” I thought. When Julia called she was stunned at how thoughtfully beautiful this gift was. She remarked that it was full of comforting food and thoughtful gifts for her to hold dear. One particular keepsake, a little matchbox ornament, still holds a special place on her bedside table to this day.


East of India Keepsake


From that moment on, I realized that this gift-giving tradition would become a cherished practice shared between John, myself, and our daughters. The next purchase was to celebrate Kim for passing her school exams. Just as we imagined she followed in her sisters footsteps, and we wanted a gift that reflected our immense pride in her accomplishments. The decision was effortless, thanks to a range of Congratulations Gifts that even included non-alcoholic alternatives. Kim was overjoyed with its contents and presentation. As were we!


Congratulations Gifts


Before we knew it our eldest was moving back home after graduation and we could hardly contain our excitement. “Mum there’s really no need, I visited at Christmas” she added. But it felt different having her back home for good..

Soon after her arrival, Julia found a place to live with Kim. It seemed living with parents was no longer considered "cool." As we helped them move their belongings, the process turned out to be more time-consuming and exhausting than anticipated. However, we couldn't forget to send two New Home Gift Baskets directly to their doorstep.

 New Home Gifts


Then last year the most incredible gift of all appeared on our front porch from our darling daughters. We eagerly opened the card, it read “Thank you Mum & Dad for everything you do for us, Lots of Hugs & Kisses Julia and Kim”. The Gift Basket was filled with so many Thoughtful Thank You Gifts that touched our hearts deeply.

 Thank You Gifts


In the end, what started as a last-minute attempt to send a care package to our daughter Julia turned into a heart-warming tradition for our family. Looking back on the journey of our family, it’s clear that procrastination and last minute decisions can sometimes lead to beautiful discoveries. Its became a testament to the love we have for one another, serving as a constant reminder of the special bond we share.

So, as we continue to navigate life’s twists and turns, we embrace the joy of surprising each other with thoughtful gifts from Basketsgalore. They’re more than just Gift Baskets and Hampers, they’re expressions of our love. And as we look to the future, we eagerly anticipate the countless opportunities to celebrate and support one another through the tradition of giving Gifts for All Occasions.