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Covid 19

******Our shipping calendar only allows you to pick the latest day you are happy to have your order delivered by.******* We are not accepting nominated delivery dates. Under no circumstance - Not at all. It’s impossible, so: Please don’t ask us as we just can’t do it. Please, don’t place an order because the shopping cart says. Please don’t place an order and then send us an email. Please don’t think the shopping cart is broken because it only allows you to pick one date, order and then email us to advise us that it must be broken. Currently we are able to deliver baskets up to a week before our estimate. (see Weekly Schedule Updates on our Blog) We do not expect to deliver later than when the shipping calendar advises. There is a National Lockdown ongoing in not only Ireland and UK, but much of the world. It restricts the ability of businesses to function fully and normally. Under normal circumstances we will do our very best to organise delivery on the day of your choosing, we have staff to intervene and track and we dispatch every day. but currently it isn’t possible. There are a wide variety of reasons why we cant operate such a service. Social distancing and safe working guidelines have changed everything. Our shipping calendar only allows you to pick the latest day you are happy to have your order delivered by. We take great care in underpromising and overdelivering. This gives all shoppers a choice whether to accept the lead time or shop elsewhere.
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